Sunday, March 25, 2012


My latest cooking adventure was cooking pigs in a blanket this week.

Cooking Pro Tip: Don't use an actual blanket. You might accidentally start a fire.

Once the fire department left, I was ready to start cooking! I got myself an oven pan, some of those oven roll things, cheese slices and hot dogs. The way to make pigs in a blanket is to wrap the hot dog in the oven roll, then cook it in the oven until the bread looks edible.  It's sort of like a hot dog in a bun, except the hot dog is inside a bread roll.

I decided to take a risk and add cheese slices to two of the four pigs.  That gave me two hot dogs, wrapped in melted cheese, wrapped in bread.  I only put cheese in half of them, in case the cheese turned out to be a bad idea.

Spoiler alert: The cheese was a bad idea.

Right, so when you add cheese to the pigs in a blanket recipe, you need to cook the food for an additional fifteen minutes.  Otherwise, the food will look like it's done, but as soon as you try eating it, it morphs into this half-melted cheese-and-roll goo that tastes bad.  Fortunately, when I cooked them some more, they turned into normal food.

My other big mistake of the night was not using the magic "no stick" spray on the pan, before I put it in the oven.  The rolls ended up being stuck to the pan, and I had to pry them off with a spatula.  It didn't work very well, and there were small chunks of bread that remained on the pan.

All in all, the food was sort of a mess, and it didn't taste that good.  Actually, the best tasting part were the hot dogs, because I don't think I've tasted oven-roasted hot dogs before.  Oh, well, live and learn, I guess.  Next week, I'm trying chicken parmesan, which I hope is easier to cook than it is to spell.


NancyDrew7 said...

Cant wait for the chicken parmesan. I cant wait i love to eat this when i go to Italian resturants, but with the alfredo.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Parmesan is my favorite dish! Have fun cooking it!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, maybe I don't want to read his next cooking post. :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps cooking isn't right for you. I shall address your problem directly. Does the problem lie in the final stages of the process, or lie in the initial preparation of ingredients, or maybe it's coming from the fact that you do not understand the basic needs of cooking? No need to be shy and nervous; you can ask others for help in cooking.

Moriah said...

How my Dad cooks pigs in a blanket he doesn't put cheese on it he just wraps the pilsbury roll wrap things around the hot dogs puts them in the oven for 15-30 minutes
and bing they're done.


Hannie said...

I'll make a cooking tutorial (of me cooking it in real life) for [enter food name here] for you, if you want. :)