Friday, February 3, 2012

WWA, Chapter Twelve

Here's Chapter Twelve of my story about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.  Today, Nancy visits the library for the first time.


Nancy entered the school library for the first time. It was everything a modern school could ask for in a library. Lots of room, over 300,000 items in the collection, study areas and...

"Only one computer?" Nancy asked. "A school this big, and they only have one computer?"

Nancy sighed. She had to read the Waverly Student Handbook online, so she sat down in front of the computer. It only had two icons: one for the school website, and one for the library catalogue.

Nancy clicked on the school website. An error screen popped up, telling her that the site was blocked unless she had the right password.

"You have got to be kidding me," Nancy said. The school computer couldn't do anything besides visit two websites...and one of those websites was blocked. What kind of school prevents its own students from visiting the school's website?

Fortunately, the library catalogue website was working. Nancy did a search for "Moore", and she discovered that The Story of Four by Madeline Moore was currently inside the Special Collections cabinet.

Nancy walked over to the cabinet. The book was clearly on display. Nancy grabbed the door handle and...

"It's locked," Nancy said.

Nancy took a step backwards and looked around. On top of the special display cabinet were two Waverly flags. Nancy unscrewed the flag on the left, then used it to break the glass of the display cabinet.

"Now it's unlocked," Nancy said, smugly.

"Becca, what are you doing?" Izzy asked, in horror at Nancy's blatant destruction.

"Getting a book," Nancy said.

Suddenly, Nancy magically disappeared from the library and reappeared back inside her room. Her cell phone beeped, and she saw a text from Paige Griffen, the floor monitor, telling her that she got three demerits for destroying school property.

"How did I end up back here?" Nancy wondered. She left her room and went right back downstairs. Amazingly, the broken display cabinet was magically repaired.

"Let's try this again," Nancy said. She unscrewed a Waverly flag, then used it to smash open the glass of the cabinet. Then, Nancy reached inside and grabbed the copy of The Story of Four.

"You can't break things like that!" Izzy said. "I'm telling!"

One second later, Nancy was back in her room. The book had magically disappeared from her hands.

"I don't believe this!" Nancy said.

Nancy marched downstairs and threw open the doors to the library, and she was shocked to find that, once again, the special collections cabinet had been repaired. Either Waverly Academy had a really efficient glass-maker on the staff, or they had an unlimited supply of special collections cabinets.

"Third time's the charm," Nancy said, unscrewing the Waverly flag again. "And if Izzy tells on me again, I'm going to tell her to—woah!"

Paige, the angry floor monitor, grabbed Nancy by the back of her neck and dragged her away from the cabinet. "If you even think about breaking the cabinet again, I will have you expelled," Paige threatened.

Nancy shuddered. She had never seen Paige before, and from up close, the older girl looked like a gorilla with a ponytail.

"Fine!" Nancy said. "I'll open the cabinet the normal way, by finding a key! Sheesh!"


Philip said...

Very hilarious!!! :D :D :D

You know, I did the same thing. I would break the glass, and then I would run downstairs, and break it, get sent to my room, I would run down and break it, ect.

Just out of curiosity, one game I earned 75 credits by doing Snack Shop an awful lot. (It took me weeks.) Then I did the glass routine. And it was very amusing to see pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane after pane of glass arriving, all within a few seconds of getting banished upstairs. :D

Philip said...

Oh, and btw, Paige is an indentical twin of George Fayne.
The way George looks in "Ransom of the Seven Ships."

When you get caught during your midnight roamings, you can take a printscreen, and monkey around with the contrast and settings in an imaging prgram, and...tada. It's plainly George.

I suppose that HeR reused George's face, and hoped we wouldn't notice. ;)

Justin said...

Michael, you are insanely HIlarious! I don't think I ever broke the glass of the case before though. I wonder if you can do that in the French version...

Christi said...

I think this chapter made me laugh the hardest. I hated that. I needed to get that book, but it didn't help that Izzy was there and Paige was such a meanie about it...

Kira said...

Like any normal person, I found a key. Heck, I didn't even KNOW you could break the library cabinet glass with a nearby flag! :O And I was never much of nighttime hall-wanderer (I'm too much of a goody-two shoes, even on Nancy Drew) so my only demerits were earned when I attempted to climb out my window during the middle of the day. O_o

"Now it's unlocked," Nancy said, smugly.


Unknown said...

This is the best chapter yet,dude ;)


I loved it! Great job, I don't think I ever broke the cabinet but it is amazing that every time she does end up in trouble she ends up back at her room with Corinne, strange! I like how Paige is never seen but you always hear her voice, she obviously is a hard nosed character and doesn't want anyone to break any of the rules, like ever. She seriously needs to get out more.

Babycakes said...

Wow. Your story is really really cool. Warnings is my favorite Nancy Drew game, I've played it couple of times and I just can't get enough. Well done.