Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WWA, Chapter Thirteen

Here's Chapter Thirteen of my story about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.  Today, Nancy tries to get the computer password from Izzy Romero.


Nancy frowned.  The trip to the library had proved rather useless.  The book she wanted was locked in a special cabinet, and she couldn't use the computer until the student body president gave her the right Internet password.

Fortunately, Izzy Romero was the student body president, and she was inside the library, studying.  Sure, Izzy made fun of Nancy's hair earlier, but maybe Izzy would be helpful now.
"Bonjour!" Izzy said.  "Unfortunately, that and chouette alors are the only French I know.  Hey, my condolences on your roommate assignment.  You know, it might not be too late to get it changed..."
Nancy shrugged.  She was only going to be investigating here for a few days, so it wasn't like the roommate situation was permanent.
"Yeah, back in France, I had my own room, all to myself," Nancy said.  "But Corine doesn't seem that bad.  At least she never made fun of my hair."

"Hey, that comment I made about your hair being on fire was just a joke," Izzy said.  "Don't tell me you got offended by that."

"Oh, I'm not offended," Nancy said.  "I'm just saying, Corine probably has some friends you don't know about."
"Uh, no," Izzy said.  "Corine doesn't have any friends.  Last I heard, only two people have added her on Facebook, and they were both her relatives."

"Oh, ouch," Nancy said.  "I didn't know she was that unpopular."

"But look, don't worry," Izzy said.  "Everybody knows rooming with Corine wasn't your idea.  As long as you don't hang out with her, nobody's going to hold it against you."

"Just out of curiosity, who's your roommate?" Nancy asked.
"My roommate's Leela Yadav," Izzy said.  "Athletic superstar and savior of Waverly's athletic program.  We actually get along fine.  Probably because we're pretty much equals.  Everyone knows who she is, and everyone knows who I am."

Izzy's kind of full of herself, Nancy thought.

"A word to the wise," Izzy said.  "Avoid hanging out with your roommate as much as possible."

"Okay, I get the picture," Nancy said.  "You're not a big fan of Captain Awkward.  I didn't come here to talk to you about her.  I came to talk about the school computer."

"The school computer?" Izzy asked.

"Yeah, it says I can't use the Internet until I get a password from you," Nancy said.

"That's right," Izzy said.  "Unfortunately, I need to finish this DNA model before I can give it to you.  Too bad, huh?"

Nancy didn't like the tone of Izzy's voice.  It was the same tone of voice other people used, when they wanted Nancy to do their chores.
"Um, sure, it's too bad," Nancy said.

"If only there was someone who could help me," Izzy said.  "Then I'd be free to give you the password."
No, no, no, no!  I do not want to do her work for her! Nancy thought.

"Someone who just moved in and doesn't have any homework yet..." Izzy said.

"Someone" Nancy asked.

"Good thinking, Fire Hair!" Izzy said.  "Sure, you can do my DNA project for me!"

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nancy screamed.


Making fun of Nancy's hair and forcing her to do a chore at the same time?  That's just hairrible.


Anonymous said...

ROFL "hairrable" :D

Philip said...

Oooh!!! Ouch! That was a terrible pun. :P But that's why we all love you, Michael. :D

Anonymous said...

'Hairrable' Ouch! Bad pun. Great story!

Moriah said...

Lol that was very funny we all love your stories Micheal!


Anonymous said...

Lol! ' hairrable ' :D

JCai Tippett said...

Your blog is my favorite blog

LArton said...

Hey michael!!!
Have you read the Hunger Games?!??!?

Hannie said...

That's HORRIBLE!!!! Izzy is my #1 LEAST favorite character!And LOL 'hairrable'!!


That is funny Michael, I love it! Keep up the awesome work!

Christi said...

Poor Nancy. Maybe she should dye her hair or something. I hate doing other people's chores. Izzy needs to stop being lazy if she's going to get into an Ivy League school. :P

simy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA omg that is so funny LOL i love your jokes michael and i love you, your videos are always so funny :D

Julia said...

Haha, hairrable!
Nice story, you would be a good author!!