Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WWA, Chapter Sixteen

Here's Chapter Sixteen of my story about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.  Today, Nancy calls her father and learns a valuable life lesson.


Becca Sawyer patted her straight red hair. She had just put one over Izzy Romero, the student body president! That was brilliant! Becca was well on her way to becoming the coolest girl in school! Why, she would become the valedictorian this year, and she'd—


Nancy Drew shook her head.

I'm getting a little too much into character here, Nancy thought. I'm here to solve a mystery, not to become popular. Becca Sawyer is just a cover.

Nancy went to the school computer and logged on, with the Internet password from Izzy. She was going to send a quick email to her father, letting him know that she arrived at her destination safely, but it turned out that the computer could only connect to the school website.

I went through all that trouble, just to reach the school website? Nancy thought. If this is the only website the computer can connect to, why did they block it?

The website had more information about the school and the various rules. The rules were all obvious things, like no sneaking out of your room after curfew, no climbing the tree in the yard, and no breaking the special collections cabinet with a flag.

Would have been nice if I knew that last one four chapters ago... Nancy thought.

The most important thing on the list of school rules was the part about the snack shack. All new students—AKA Nancy—had to work the snack shack at least once a day. You got demerits if you skipped out on snack shack duties, and you got credits if you did snack shack more than once a day.

Great, the school is too cheap to hire people to work the snack shack, so they make the students do it... Nancy thought. She sighed and then breezed through the rest of the website. The other pages were mostly boring or under construction.

Well, if I can't email him, guess I'd better call Dad, Nancy thought. She got up and left the computer. On her way out of the library, she saw a sign on the desk which read "Corine Meyers: Student Librarian". Nancy made a note of this in the journal, then stepped outside and called her dad's cell phone.

"Nancy?" Carson Drew answered on the second ring.

"Hi, Dad," Nancy said. "I'm calling to say that I arrived at New York okay. I dropped off my stuff in my room, and now I'm going around the dorm, meeting everyone."

"That's good to hear," Carson said. "I can't tell you how glad I am that you're at Waverly Academy. This way, you won't miss any school while you're solving a mystery out-of-state. Maybe those valedictorian girls will be a good influence on you, and they'll convince you to spend more time studying and less time solving mysteries."

"I prefer to let my track record speak for itself," Nancy said.

"Yes, and your records stink," Carson Drew said. "You barely passed biology class, as I recall."

"Dad! I meant my record as an international supersleuth!" Nancy said. "Besides, biology is totally useless in the real world!"

"Oh, yeah?" Carson said. "What if, I dunno, someone asks for your help with a DNA model? You wouldn't know what to do!"

"...Okay, you win," Nancy said. "I'll try to study harder when I'm here. Especially since I have to keep up with all the other valedictorians."

Carson chuckled. "That's my girl," he said. "Stay safe, okay?"

"Will do," Nancy said. "Goodbye."


Anonymous said...

I love how Nancy gets carried away.

Anonymous said...

I love how Nancy almost didn't pass Biology! That's like my physics

Anonymous said...

It's OK, Nancy... I failed bio last semester. O///O I know, I'm a horrid person...
Ha ha ha. "What if someone asks for your help with a DNA model?"

Moriah said...

lol I love how she gets so carried away with this stuff. Nancy is so funny!


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great post

Amy said...

"What if someone asks for your help with a DNA model?"
Hahaha love it! Another great chapter :)


Nancy is something else, I don't see why she would be struggling with Biology, to me it was super easy but you know what the real demon of my classes was? It was Algebra 2! I still struggle with that til this day!

Anyways I love how Nancy discovers the rules and her call with her dad, so humorous and yet so realistic