Thursday, February 23, 2012

Video Responses

I've received a few requests for video responses lately.

1. You might remember that I sang an impromptu song, at the end of the third Professor Layton game. Someone took the audio for that, and they put it to different cutscenes from that game. I'm slightly disappointed that they cut out one of the verses of my song, though.

2. Someone put a copy of the trailer for the next Nancy Drew game, up on their channel. I decided not to make this a video response, and you'll notice I decided not to put this trailer up myself. Why? The official Nancy Drew channel put the trailer, and I don't want to steal views away from them.

3. Someone liked one of the Professor Layton songs, so they played it in the background of a few cutscenes from the game. That's fine, I guess, but how is this really a response to my walkthrough?


Meredith said...

You're a great singer, Michael

Kate said...

I loved the video of your singing! Such great inprov (mind my spelling). When I try to do that, I usually start to sing stuff like 'I forgot what's next so I'm just going to keep singing on 'Ooo'".

Anonymous said...

I showed the part of the walkthrough where you sing to the ending credits, so she did the video of the audio to scenes of the game (and I told her to put it as a video response so you would most likely comment about it in your blog)