Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things

Here's another edition of Three Things, which is basically just a list of three eBooks I've edited.  Maybe, someday, I'll actually make a definitive list of the 57 eBooks I've helped produce so far.

  • The First Easter is a book about the life and death of Jesus, with a focus on the first Easter.  It's a children's book, so it's short and it has nice pictures.  For some reason, this book italicizes everything that appears in quotation marks, "Just like this".
  • De Tribus Habitaculis Liber is a book in Latin, about Heaven and Hell.  Most people think Saint Patrick wrote it, some people think Saint Augustine wrote it, and some people think it was written by an Irish bishop named Patrick (but not the Saint Patrick).
  • The Life of Saint Columba is a biography of Saint Columba, who is a popular Irish saint.  He founded monasteries and did a lot of work on the northern islands of Ireland.
Sneaky me, finding a way to get out of writing a lot for Three Things Thursday.

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Unknown said...

do one on the Mutus Liber! ;o)