Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things -- Top GameFAQs Contributors

1.  As you may know, I've written a good number of guides for GameFAQs over the years.  I even have a spot on their unofficial (and now-defunct) Hall of Fame as one of their top contributors.  The other day, I found a more up-to-date ranking of the top GameFAQs contributors.  To my surprise, I'm still near the top of the list, at spot #10.

2.  The archives of this site say that I was steady in spot #11 for several years.  But in July 2011, I managed to bump myself up to #10, surpassing someone called Kevin Butler, who stopped writing for GameFAQs in 2006. I'm only three guides behind #9, who stopped writing guides two years ago.  So maybe in the next few months, I could jump up another spot on the list.

3.  I am glad that this ranking has a separate category for "how many pages you've written".  The people who are on that list are pretty much all RPG players. Whenever I read a guide for an RPG game, it always seems to look something like this:

33% = List of every piece of equipment in the game, their stats, etc.
33% = List of every enemy in the game, their stats, etc.
33% = List of every character in the game, their stats, etc.
1% = Actual content that tells you how to beat the game

That's why RPG guides tend to be over 300 pages.  They're basically just a huge list of statistics.  I do not have the patience to write one of those guides.


Flashman85 said...

Sheesh, and I gave up less than halfway through my Jetpack walkthrough!

CaiTip said...

I won't ever do walkthroughs because I'm going to be writing books with all my free time.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on moving up a spot! It must be tough to write these walkthroughs! So congrats!

Anonymous said...

I know this is REALLY random but...check out this vid!!!! :D hahahahaha Ur gonna be so confused if ur not at LEAST from Canada... :D But give it a try anyways!!!!! :D