Friday, February 24, 2012


Springtime is coming early this year, as it's getting abnormally warm and sunny for this area.  All the trees and plants bloomed early, and we're in the mid 70's.

I tend to talk about this every year, but I'll say it again: the first week of spring is pretty hard on me and all the other people whose freckles come out in spring.  It basically feels like I have heatstroke for an entire week, and I have to sleep more and drink more water.

Anyway, that's your news for this Friday: Spring has come early this year.  I'm getting exhausted, and the birds are getting all twitterpated.  I'm serious about those birds; there was a hawk outside my window at work today.  It took the creature two hours to eat a dead squirrel.  I'd share the pictures here, but I don't think people want to see them.


Anonymous said...

Arglefumph don't you think it would be really cool if we got to see sonny joon in a nancy drew game?

Moriah said...

Wow I wouldn't like to see the pictures of the hawk of eating the squirrel.That would be gross to see lol.


Sammy said...

The seasons are reversed where i live, so I'm very used to hot weather at the moment!

Joanna said...

Lol. Looking out of your window watching a hawk eat a dead animal is humorous in a way. Two hours? hehe.