Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saint Bridget of Kildare

Today is the feast day of Saint Bridget of Kildare, the Patroness of Ireland.  I helped edit a short eBook about her life.  Today would be a good day to read it.
One story that is told about Saint Bridget (which is not contained in the eBook) is about the day of her ordination.  Bishop Saint Maccaille performed the ceremony, and he had to say special prayers of consecration over her, because she was being made the leader of a small group of nuns.

The Bishop accidentally opened his book to the wrong page, and he started reading the prayers to make her a bishop instead of an abbess.  He didn't catch the mistake until the very end of the consecration prayers, where the word "bishop" appears.  He decided the mistake was a sign from God, and because her ordination as a bishop was automatically invalid by nature, he went back and said the correct prayers to make her an abbess.

Many of the biographers today think that this is just a silly story that the Irish people made up, and they don't mention it.  Still, sometimes you'll find references to Saint Bridget being a bishop.  Those references really confused me, until I heard the story of her accidental ordination.  I'm sure that if it's a true story, it was the source of many humorous jokes over the course of her lifetime, especially when she asked (and received) permission to turn Kildare into a diocese.

Saint Bridget, pray for us.


Anonymous said...

I once did a report on her.

Anonymous said...

Yay! My birthday is the same day as a saint's day! I feel so much more complete!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that was weird. But it did make County Kildare a diocese!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! What is wrong with that Paige?