Saturday, February 4, 2012

Basketball Game

Yesterday was the big charity basketball game.  My team won, 62 to 59.  It was a very close game, the whole time.   I got a lot more playing time than I expected, and I even had a very nice steal.  I didn't have any shots, though, but it's okay.  The person I was defending never scored, and that's just as good.

I've been doing a special diet / exercise regimen for the past month, in training for the game.  It's nothing special, just twenty minutes on the bike machine every day and eating only one meal a day, most days.  I was looking forward to getting off of my training regimen, but it appears I lost six pounds this month.  Now I'm beginning to think I should keep up the training regimen, until I get back down to 150 pounds.

I'll try to get pictures of the game up here, as soon as I can.  I was playing in the game, so obviously, I wasn't one of the people taking pictures of the event.


Christi said...

Just make sure not to starve yourself... your body goes into stress mode when it doesn't get enough calories each day, which actually makes one gain weight rather than lose it. I learned that it's better to eat but eat lightly rather than eat less. That's how I lost the pounds. :)

L said...

Congrats on your basketball game! I'm glad you got a lot of playing time. Looking forward to the pictures!

I am a little concerned about you only having one meal most days. I've been there, and it's not enough or good for your body. Please be careful with that. If you want to lose weight, maybe try choosing almost all healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and cut back on sweets and foods with empty calories. That way you get the nutrients you need (without a lot of extra junk), your body is still on a regular eating schedule, and your metabolism stays normal so you can lose weight.

Keep us updated!

Sammy said...

Michael, instead of one meal a day try at least 3 smaller and healthy meals a day. I would recommend some form of eggs for breakfast (egg omelette with vegetables is great), tuna or chicken salad with low calorie or no dressing, and a small portion of lean meat with potato or rice. I followed this basic routine last year and lost 10 kgs within a few months (with regular exercise of course). Remember these 3 basic rules:
1. Never ever go hungry(as Christi pointed out)
2. Eat regular small meals as opposed to irregular large ones.
3. Stay away from foods with high sugar, fat and salt.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I argee with everyone about the diet thing, but nice job with the basketball game! I never score.= on my team.