Monday, January 16, 2012

WWA, Chapter Ten

Here's the tenth chapter in my story about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. I didn't like how it took me four chapters to get through the conversation with Corine, so today, I get all the way to the end of the conversation with Mel in just one chapter.  (Not counting the chapters before and after this one, though).


Our hero, Nancy Drew, was currently visiting her next-door neighbor, Mel Corbalis. Mel's room was a mixture between a pink princess party and a haunted house, which sort of creeped Nancy out, to be honest.

"So, where's your roommate?" Nancy asked, trying to sound cheerful.

"She's not here right now," Mel said. "She's the one who got sent home with an allergic reaction, after being cursed by the Black Cat."

"You sound a little skeptical," Nancy noted.

"The Black Cat is just someone playing an idiotic prank, end of story," Mel said. "Of course, that's not the end of the story for my roommate Megan, who got sent to the hospital after eating something she's allergic to, but it's still a dumb prank."

Nancy gasped with fake surprise. "What happened?" she asked, as if Mel hadn't mentioned the allergic reaction twice already.

"Look, enough about the Black Cat," Mel said, looking somewhat annoyed. "The other girls can buy into that garbage all they want, but me? I refuse to give whoever's behind this the satisfaction. So if you have any questions for Megan, I think you should call her yourself. 543-555-5432."

Nancy made a mental note to never give her cell phone number to Mel, seeing as Mel apparently made a habit of giving her roommate's cell phone number out to complete strangers. And speaking of roommates...

"What do you think about my roommate, Corine?" Nancy asked.

"She's all right, I guess," Mel said. "I feel kind of bad for her, though. She doesn't really have any friends."

"Because she's awkward?" Nancy asked.

"No, because she's overly concerned with other people's opinions," Mel said. "Me, I don't care much about what other people think about me. But Corine? She cares a lot, and it shows."

"So, in other words, she's kind of a loser who's desperate for the approval of others," Nancy summarized.

"Exactly," Mel agreed.

"I am NOT a loser!" Corine shouted through the wall.

Nancy and Mel were silent for a moment.

"Guys?" Corine shouted. " still like me, right?"

Nancy decided to wrap up the conversation quickly after that. "You play the cello very well," she said.

"Thank you," Mel said. "I taught myself to play when I was ten."

"Does the school here have an orchestra?" Nancy asked.

"Yeah, but as you may have guessed, I'm not much of a joiner," Mel said.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around," Nancy said, taking a step towards the exit.

"Door's always open," Mel said.


sarah said...

That was great! I love this story so far! You make Nancy more like a teenager and less like the fearless teen detective we usually think of her as. I really like that, it's funny! I think I'm going to try writing one of these fan story things... I was thinking Curse of Blackmopr Manor! It's my favorite game! =D

Anonymous said...

I love when people make Nancy more funny!

Anonymous said...

so hilarious...


I love the side comments from Corine from the opposite of the room~Can't wait to read more of the story