Sunday, January 22, 2012

WWA, Chapter Eleven

Here's the eleventh chapter in my story about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. Today, I'm combining two different chapters into one, so Nancy double-checks her notes, and figures out the sampler puzzle!  Let me know if that makes the chapter too long; I can go back to splitting them up into smaller pieces.


Nancy left Mel's room. Now that she was over ten chapters into the story, she figured it would be a good time to check her...

Suspect List

1. Corine Meyers, AKA the Queen of Awkward. My roommate.
2. Mel Corbalis, the cello girl who likes pink.
3. Rachel Hubbard. Wants me to help her with the school website.
4. Izzy Romero. Student Body President. She made fun of my hair.

One of these suspects was definitely the Black Cat, unless it was the fifth character who Nancy hadn't met yet. The Black Cat attacked the various...


1. Megan Vargas, sent home due to an allergic reaction.
2. Danielle Hayes, claustrophobic girl who was locked in a closet.
3. Nancy Drew, AKA me. Forced to solve yet another mystery.

Nancy nodded. The lists of suspects and victims was in order. Now to check...

The To-Do List

1. Read the rules on the Waverly School website.
2. Meet Rachel and learn about the web project she's working on.
3. Talk with Izzy in the library and learn more about the school.
4. Call Megan Vargas and learn more about how the Black Cat attacked her.
5. Find a way to snoop around Mel's room without attracting her suspicion.

The only thing on the to-do list that was crossed off was "meet my new roommate," and that really didn't count, because you automatically go through the conversation with Corine when the game starts.

"I guess I'll go back and see Mel again," Nancy said. She turned around and re-entered Mel's room.

"Weren't you just here?" Mel asked.

"I forgot to check something," Nancy said. She went straight to the corner—the only part of the room she could examine in more detail—and took a good look at the hand-stitched sampler.

Looking for something
Is what life is for.
If you want to solve this mystery, Miss Nancy Drew,
You must read much followed by Moore

"Moore..." Nancy said. "I wonder why it's capitalized...and spelled with two o's. Is this sampler as old as it looks?"

"It's old, that's for sure," Mel said. "My great-great-great grandmother made it. She was in the first class that graduated from Waverly. Everyone in my family who comes here has to hang it up in her room. It's tradition."

"Hmmm..." Nancy said to herself. The game seemed to be putting a lot of emphasis on this sampler in the corner of Mel's room. On a whim, Nancy flipped open her notebook to find a brand new item on her to-do list.

6. Figure out who Moore is—refers to a book, maybe?—from the sampler in Mel's room.

"Wow, they practically give you the solution to this puzzle on Junior Mode," Nancy said. "I guess this means I'll have to go to the library and find the book that Moore wrote."

"Um..." Mel said.

"Now, true, every single person in Mel's family, going back over a hundred years, has had this clue," Nancy said. "But hopefully, they were all a bunch of idiots who couldn't figure it out! Because I'll be the first person to solve this mystery and find Moore, or my name isn't Nancy Drew!"

"Becca, do you always talk to yourself when you're standing in corners?" Mel asked.

Oh, crud, Nancy thought.

"Ha ha! No! Don't be silly!" Nancy said. "I was just...practicing a monologue for the school play!"

"But you just arrived here ten minutes ago," Mel said. "How do you already have a part in the school play?"

"Duh, I'm auditioning for the school play," Nancy said. "You should totally audition with me! You'd be perfect for the role cellist with the pink bows in her hair!"

Mel just stared at Nancy, a confused look on her face.

"I gotta go! See ya!" Nancy said, running out of Mel's room at top speed.

Nancy wiped off some sweat as she walked down the stairs near Mel's room. For a moment there, it looked like she almost accidently blew her cover as a secret detective. But now everything was back to normal, and once again, everyone knew that Becca Sawyer was the coolest girl in school.

Nancy's cell phone beeped as she went downstairs. She picked it up to read a text that was sent to everyone in the dorm.

New girl Becca S. is kind of a spaz.

"No way!" Nancy said. "There's another new girl here called Becca S.? What a crazy coincidence!"


Izzy :) said...

I don't mind either way. I loved the ending!

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Oh Nancy- I mean Becca...

sarah said...

Haha! Well... this certainly is a new side of Nancy... =D

Anonymous said...

Love it! So funny XD

Anonymous said...

I love how Nancy is a bit stupid!!!

C Tippett said...

Nice Nancy nice


I like this, it's really interesting to see how Nancy a.k.a Becca acts so not like her typical self but I like how she tries to come up a reason why she does what she does.

Keep up the awesome work Michael!

Hannie said...

I think Mel sent the text of Nancy A.K.A Becca, being a spaz.