Monday, January 30, 2012

Rumor Mongering

Here's the latest Nancy Drew rumor that I've heard:

You might have noticed that the second Nancy Drew game, Stay Tuned for Danger, has been officially discontinued.

The same thing happened with the first Nancy Drew game, Secrets Can Kill, when they made an official remake for that game.  The original game was discontinued when the remake hit the shelves.

Since the second game has been discontinued, is this a sign that they're planning on remaking the second Nancy Drew game?  Time will tell.

In the meantime, I played the original Secrets Can Kill for a bit yesterday, and I can really see how good the remake was, in comparison to the original.  The dialogue is practically word-for-word the same in both versions.  That's dedication!

EDIT: This rumor was officially quashed within an hour.  Tough luck for whoever it is that sent me this rumor.


Anonymous said...

Her Interactive has already said they have no plans to do so. This is how they said it on their website: "As you know, the only game that we have remastered is #1 - Secrets Can Kill. It was a special release to pay tribute to our first original game. We’ve discussed at length remastering STFD, but at this time we have no plans to remaster any of the older games because it’s just too time & resource consuming, and would delay the production of our newer games."

Anonymous said...

I don't think they should remake the games. If they do, the new games will have to suffer.

Cat said...

HI also said on their Twitter a long time ago that if they decide to remaster any more games, they would do STFD. The game was discontinued because it doesn't work very well with newer systems and probably wasn't selling very well. SCK was the only game with 2D characters, while STFD was 3D.

Philip said...

Yes, it's pretty sad. STFD was one of my favorite games, and even though I am blessed with a copy, what if it gets broken or something? Then that means going onto E-bay or Amazon, but by then prices will have started to rise as more and more copies get broken until it's practically a collector's item...

I think that they should at least, at the very least, update the discs, so that they do work better.
Now, I never had the slightest trouble with getting SCK1/STFD on my Windows 7 computer, but apparently other people did. :)

What irritates me, is when they discontinued it?

They didn't let us know.

They didn't even let us know they were thinking of it! :(

Now, I know I sound like a fanatic (which I am), but they could've waited until right after Christmas, instead before. There were probably literally dozens of people (including me) planning on buying STFD for themselves, a cousin, a friend, a sibling, whatever. And when it was discontinued, it was like...ARGH!


Ok, I'll stop. Oh well. At least I still have my copy, and I can enjoy it. :)

Cat said...

@Philip: When they discontinued SCK, they kept a small supply of copies for replacement purposes. I assume they're doing the same for STFD.

Kira said...

Dang! I really hope they don't keep discontinuing the older games. Treasure in the Royal Tower was my first Nancy Drew game, and I gotta admit, I'd hate to see it discontinued. :-/


I am surprised I was able to buy a two pack of the original two games from for about 10 dollars not counting shipping. I was able to play the game successfully and I mention my review of the game on my own blog. I tried to play the original Secrets can Kill on my computer but because it is designed for an older game system my computer doesn't let me play it but it is a nice addition to my Nancy Drew game collection. Remakes though of any game can be good and bad because so many things can be left out or even have new material put in it's place, either way it can be frustrating to the fans. I was glad to hear that Secrets can Kill was remade so I could play it because that was one of the few Nancy Drew games I couldn't play on my computer. Plus I believe they remade it for the 80th anniversary since the creation of the character and that's why it was done. Well that's all for now.

Keep up the awesome work Michael!

Kara said...

lol You missed a lot of freak out when this first happened a couple months ago. HER actually sent me a DM on twitter cause I was tweeting my ~unhappiness. lol According to them, the game wasn't working well with newer systems. This is why they discontinued it.

Hannie said...

It would be awesome if they re-did 'Stay Tuned for Danger'. Because it won't install on my computer. :`(

Anonymous said...

Michael has a walkthrough on how to install an old game on a new laptop. I did it on my new computer for "Stay Tuned for Dwanger" (hehe pun intended) and it worked. Follow his instructions and you will shortly be playing it. But be smart about it because you are going to have to go through a process which is tedious and you will have to use your brain if it doesn't work. Because in the longer run, it does work.