Monday, January 9, 2012

Nancy Drew Text Challenge #2

Hey, everyone!  Have you checked out the Nancy Drew Text Challenge #2 yet?

I entered the challenge yesterday.  They send you ten questions to answer, and you have to answer them.  Most of them are brainteaser-type questions.  I messed up on four questions, giving me a final score of 71 out of 100.

I made a vlog of me answering the questions.  I don't know how interesting the final video will be--it's mostly just me texting on my phone, trying to answer Nancy Drew questions.  But I'm not going to post the video until after the contest has ended, otherwise someone might cheat by stealing the answers from my video.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind just watching you text. Can't wait to see!

Christi said...

My score was 7/100. Ha ha, I did so well. XP

Philip said...

** Starts Counting Down the Days Until January 19 **


i got a score of 50 out of 100 but not quite enough for the finals, they did give two extra chances but i still missed it! oh well