Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winnie The Pooh

I didn't review this year's Disney movie yet, did I?
This year's Disney movie was Winnie the Pooh.  It's the first Pooh movie to be made by Disney's main animation studio since the 1977 movie.  True, there have been other Pooh movies made since 1977, but those weren't made by the main studio; those were made by one of the lesser Disney studios.

Well, I looked up the official box office numbers for the Pooh movies.  2000's The Tigger Movie had a net profit of about $60 million, and 2005's Heffalump Movie had a net profit of $32 million.  This year's movie?  Its net profit was only $3 million.


So, this year's movie did a lot worse than the last three Pooh movies.  That's kind of surprising, because the last three were made by a lesser studio, while this one was made by the main studio.  You can tell it was made by the main studio, too, because the animation quality is higher.  They clearly put a lot of work into perfecting the animation and making it look just like original Pooh shorts.

I kind of wish they put more work into the story, though.  They reused plotlines from other Pooh movies, which in turn came from the original Pooh books.  It sort of felt like a rip-off, because I remembered those storylines, so I knew exactly what would happen ahead of time.  Also, they cut out the plotline I was looking forward to, AKA the only plotline I heard would be in the film.  That was a plotline about Rabbit's relatives.  I actually went through the effort of finding that story in the original book.  It's in the chapter where Pooh and his friends discover the North Pole; Rabbit's relatives join the expedition.

The universal complaint about the movie is that it's too short.  Unless I'm mistaken, it's the shortest Disney film ever, a record previously held by Dumbo.  That includes the credits, I'm guessing.  I have to agree that the movie is short; maye it'd be longer if they didn't cut out two of the proposed five storylines.

It's not that I dislike the storyline.  It's just sort of disappointing to see storylines get reused, especially since the movie is only a little longer than a typical episode of Days of our Lives.

So all in all, I think I agree with the universal consensus.  It's a decent movie, and it's especially nice to see non-CGI animation for a change.  But the movie is too short, and the plot could use some beefing up.  If I had to choose between watching this movie and watching one of the other Pooh movies, though, I would probably pick the other movie.  Final score: 7 out of 10.


Miss. Cellaneous said...

Um.... I hate to contradict you but Pooh made $26.6 m in the us and over $45 m worldwide.

Sammy said...

I was obsessed with Pooh when I was younger. Pooh plushes, Pooh bedsheets, pooh curtains, pooh lampshade, Pooh wallpaper and the list goes on!

Britnie said...

This is completely off the subject, but I was watching Days of our Lives yesterday and the opening scene was three shirtless guys, standing around, flexing and talking to each other, and then the very next scene was John shirtless with Marlena. I couldn’t figure out why there were 4 topless guys shown in the span of 5 minutes until I remembered it was Topless Tuesday! I don’t know if you still watch DOOL, as stated in your walkthrough for "Stay Tuned for Danger," but I thought you might interested to know Topless Tuesday lives on! ^_^

Garcia said...

I was obsessed with Pooh when I was younger. Pooh plushes, Pooh bedsheets, pooh curtains, pooh lampshade, Pooh wallpaper and the list goes on!