Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weirdness at Waverly Academy, Chapter 6

Here's the sixth chapter in my series about Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy.  Kind of a boring chapter here, but I guess it's important to set up the storyline about Rachel Hubbard. Even if Nancy probably won't meet her until Chapter 20.

Nancy took a deep breath. She had just finished talking with her new roommate, Corine Meyers, the Queen of Awkward.

I should get things in order here, before I explore the campus, Nancy thought. Waverly Academy for Girls was a pretty big school, but she knew that she would have to spend most of her time here in the valedictorian dorm. After all, this was where all the attacks had taken place.

Nancy turned around. Her side of the room was rather empty. The only thing here that really belonged to Nancy was the bag on the desk.

Nancy reached into the bag and pulled out a framed photograph of her two best friends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne, from their trip on Dread Isle. The only other things in Nancy's bag were a hairbrush and a change of clothes.

I really should have packed more things, Nancy thought as she put the photo down on the desk, next to the...was that a note? Nancy picked it up.

Hello Becca,

Welcome to Waverly!

Since you just transferred here and don't really have any papers due or exams to study for (unlike the rest of us!), I could really use your help on this project I'm working on. Please come see me as soon as you can; my room's at the other end of the hall.

Thank you so much!

"Someone named Rachel wants me to come to her room," Nancy said.

"Rachel Hubbard," Corine said. "She's in the room at the end of the hall."

"Okay," Nancy said to herself. It would probably be a good idea to make friends with Rachel by helping her with her project. As long as Rachel didn't have any chores for Nancy to do, everything would be fine. Nancy really hated doing other people's chores for them.


Anonymous said...

I love the fact you said she hates doing chores, don't you mean, YOU always hates doing chores, SHE doesn't seem to mind!

Abbey said...

i just got a new laptop and this one lets me play Nancy Drew on it. Does anyone have any ideas on which Nancy Drew i should buy first? what do you think Michael? which should i buy first?!?!

Anonymous said...

@Abbey- You should get Captive Curse! that one is great

Leann said...

Abbey- I think you should get: Danger by design or Warnings at Waverly academy, they both have great storylines and I found the puzzles slightly easier, they great games to start of with. Particulary WAWA!

Anonymous said...

Abby - i think you should get The final scene or treasure in the royal tower or something, i think the older games are more fun then the newer games ...... thats just my opinion.


I totally agree about the chores part because I hate having to do them. I like how you had the details of how Nancy a.k.a. Becca is slowly getting settled in her new dorm. I can't wait until chapter 7 comes out!

Abbey-There are so many good games to choose from, there's Danger by Design, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, The Scarlet Hand, The Final Scene, Stay Tuned for Danger, all of these games are fairly easy with the puzzles and so many others as well.

Izzy :) said...

Abbey- Whatever game you choose would be good. My favorites are Warnings at Waverly Academy, Alibi in Ashes, The Captive Curse, and Legend of the Crystal Skull. Either way you go, they're all fun!

Abbey said...

Thanks for all the help! Really like all of the ideas!! Thanks again!