Friday, December 16, 2011

Trip to Spain (Part 8) - Friday

As I'm writing this, a marching band is playing in the plaza. They're here for a long procession, which is truly spectacular to see with all the candles lit, but it still kind of irks me that they're playing now, because I have to be up really early tomorrow for mass with the Pope (!). If it was any other night, I'd stay to watch the procession, though.

Today was the Stations of the Cross, which we went to see early in the morning. It was already full of people, wanting to see the huge, life-sized statues of all fourteen stations, with a fifteenth statue of Our Lady of Sorrows. The candles were all there, but unlit at the time, because it was broad daylight. I think the best statue was Jesus being nailed to the cross, and the Last Supper gets an honorable mention for making one of the Apostles blonde. I've never seen a blonde man with a full-grown beard before.

We went to mass at 12:30, and it was a really quick mass, because the priest (and all the locals) wanted to be back at home to siesta at 1:00. There was no homily, and some of the people's responses were said so quickly by the lady behind me that I couldn't keep up. We stayed with a group from a local church, Saint Simon. Er, that's local for us, not for Madrid. So, we were with them until about 4:00, and I rested until 6:00, when we left for the official Stations of the Cross, held by the Pope. After that was dinner with our Bishops, and if it seems like this entry is short, it's because I'm rushing so I can get to sleep for tomorrow's 5:00 AM wakeup call. It is now 1:30 AM, by the way. I can still hear the band marching on, but alas, time is doing the same thing. Good night.

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That's the shortest blog entry about Spain yet!