Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trip to Spain (Part 2) - Saturday

After visiting two churches yesterday, we had to be up super early to catch the train to Barcelona. I got about two hours of sleep. The train showed "The King's Speech" with Spanish subtitles, but no audio. It was an okay movie, but I would have preferred to sleep.

The bathrooms here in Europe are kind of confusing. The one on the train had a high-tech door with automatic controls, and I could not figure out how to lock the door behind me. I also didn't know how to work the shower head in our hotel room, and as a result, the entire bathroom got covered with water.

Barcelona is different than other cities in Spain, because they speak a language which is a hybrid of French and Spanish. The Cathedral there is hug and old, but most of it was sealed off with thick iron bars. It makes me sad. I'd rather see the displays shiny, up-to-date and being used, rather than blocked off and faded and decayed.

We ran into two groups of pilgrims from California. So many out-of-country people are visiting Spain. I hope the local Spanish Catholics remember to come, too.

Somehow, my train ticket home got lost in the big pile o' tickets for our group. I had to go get another one with Fr. John, while everyone else in the group went to visit Place #2 in Barcelona. That was fine with me, because I was pretty much out of it for the afternoon, as a result of it being too hot and me not getting enough sleep.

On the train back, they showed a Spanish romantic comedy. There were no headphones, but it was pretty easy to follow. Or at least, I found it easy to follow; the other guys must not watch many romantic comedies, because they couldn't follow the plot. The story was that the hero is sad, because the girl he likes is falling in love with Mr. Perfect. So the hero decides to win her back and make her jealous, with the help of his two wacky buddies.

When we got back to the hotel, I tried to sleep. After that, it was prayer time, and we went all over town until we learned that both churches were closed. All the shops were closed, too, which made me kind of upset. After all, this is prime shopping time. Our travel itinerary says that we won't get to shop until the last two days of the trip, but I want to go shopping before the large crowds get here.  If we wait until after they leave, all the good stuff will be gone.


Diana said...

I love hearing about your adventures in Spain! It sounds like a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Wish I could've gone to Spain for World Youth Day.

Sammy said...

Omg European bathrooms. I stayed/lived in Europe for 6 months last year(mostly in England) and they have these payed automatic bathrooms that give you 3 minutes to do your business. Should be enough time right? WRONG! There were no instructions on how to use it so(like Michael) it took me a minute to figure out how to close the door, a minute to find the flush button, and then the time was up before I figured out how to turn on the faucet! I had to pay again just to wash my hands! And if you travel to central Europe, they use bidays. Just, ew. If you don't know what a biday is, I don't recommend looking it up!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Europe all my life and I have been to many different countries (including Spain) and have never seen a toilet like that before, guess you could that lucky then, they do not sound great!

Moriah said...

Wow I bet you were really pooped out by then, I know I would be really tired if I was running around all over the place! But that sounded fun!

Anonymous said...

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