Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trip to Spain (Part 12) - Tuesday

Tuesday was a freee day.  It was basically the only free day we had; the group leaders scheduled it because leaving on Monday or Tuesday would be an absolute zoo at the airport.  I used the time to buy things for the people at home.  I also found my way to the cathedral, which was very nice.  At the Pope's mass, I only got to see the outside of it.  I searched all over the cathedral, but I didn't see the relics of Saint Ignatius inside.  Maybe I mistranslated what was said about St. Ignatius' cross.

The cathedral was packed with hundreds of pilgrims, like every other place we've gone to, pretty much.  The priest who led mass in the side chapel tried in vain to get everyone in the main chapel to stop talking.

Pope John Paul II

The Trinity

Rules which all the tourists disregarded

Many people were there

A statue of St. Joseph, following the tradition that says he was rather old when Jesus was born.

I want a picture wall like this for my church, with all the mysteries of the rosary.

I'm told that most of the gold there is fake gold, just like in my local church, where the gold inlays on the wall are just shiny gold-colored paint. Who cares if it's fake, though?  It still looks nice.

I went back home after that and went to sleep.  I don't know if it got hotter or what--is there a temperature above insanely hot?--but ever since the Pope's mass, I have been too tired to last all day doing things.  I just go to my room and collapse on my bed.  I did that until I could go out again, and I tried to visit the Statues of Mary exhibit I heard about, as well as a nearby church.  They both appeared to be closed.  After that, I went to an Irish pub called O'Connell's, and I had a late lunch of potatoes.  This is basically the only place in Spain I've found that serves potatoes.  And it's also one of the few places where everyone is expected to speak English, not Spanish.

I had plans for what I'd do for dinner--I wanted to try out one of those European-style three hour meals--but the group wanted to go to some J-11 Ham place.  I probably have the name wrong.  The place served a special kind of blood meat, which tastes pretty good.  Unfortunately, I couldn't taste it very well, with all the extra things on top of it.  Then again, I did order the "three mustards" version which comes with two types of mustard and Heinz ketchup.  I guess the ketchup is supposed to be the third kind of mustard.

After that, there was the big packing extravaganza, where all the guys packed their bags and learned that they didn't have enough room to hold all their things.  Due to my packing error of not bringing all the clothes I needed, I had plenty of room for my stuff.  The other guys had to get 1-2 things of check-in luggage apiece, one of which was stopped at the airport for being too heavy.  What a pain airline luggage can be; I'm glad I avoided that hassle.

That's basically all that's happened up until now.  I'm on the airplane, and there are about ten hours left before we arrive in San Francisco.  And since I think I'm done writing in this travel journal, I guess I'll have to think of something else to do before the flight ends.


Anonymous said...

What does the picture of the tank top and shorts mean?

Michael Gray said...

No shorts or tank tops. You have to wear full-length pants and a shirt.

Anonymous said...

@Michael Gray
This may or may not be a dum question, but how come u aren't allowed tank tops, etc.???

Anonymous said...

I would like to answer. This may be because it is a sacred place and no one, nor the environment must be disturbed. Too bad no one cared...

Sammy said...

@anonymous 1:52 In many religious buildings it is considered rude and disrespectful to show too much 'skin'. Usually they require that you cover your shoulders, and wear pants that are not higher than the knee.

3D###Boy said...

I don't like cathedrals... They are full of statues that are always looking grumpy and angry at me at at everybody. Is not my imagination is a real fact. I hate(Hate is to much to say...I don't like) Cathedrals, Ortodox churches, chatolic Churces and places where statues are alays grumpy and angry..... GRRRRR!!! Is like im in .....(a place that the word of it dosen't exixst)

3D###Boy said...

Ummm, you can't wear T-shirts tank tops etc. ...... Is like a rule that only dum's(no offens) can put it. What, You'l offens the Statues if they(the statues) saw you wearing T-shirts, tank tops, or not so exagerated mini-skirts????? LOL I think I'm gonna laugh!!!!! :D :) :)) :-)

Henshin Legacy said...

It's more a sign of respect. Think of it this way: Would you wear beach clothes (shorts, tank tops) to your workplace?

3D###Boy said...

I'm 12 years man!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you have ever been to Jerusalem. If you haven't you should go! The Holy Sepulchre is such an interesting place to visit and also Jericho to visit the Monastery of Tempatation. Its on the side of a MOUNTAIN. I'm not Catholic but its still so amazing to go. Oh and you could go to Bethlehem!