Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trip to Spain (Part 10) - Sunday

Today was the mass with the Pope at Cuatro Vientos (Spanish for "Four Winds").  Over two million people attended.  Many of them arrived last night, and they stayed overnight, celebrating a vigil.  I decided not to go, because traffic would have been awful, and I was still tired from the mass with Pope Benedict.  My roommate and I stayed in the room and watched the mass from there.  It was a three hour mass, I believe--longer than the seminarians' mass, probably.

I left to get lunch, when I stopped by a local church.  St. Inez would be its English name.  I saw that they were only having one mass that day, due to the Pope's mass.  The mass was starting in 20 minutes, so I decided to go.  The pastor was extremely excited about World Youth Day and having so many foreigners fill his church to capacity.

I had lunch afterwards.  I'm told that European restaurants are different from US restaurants.  In Europe, the waiter tries their best to ignore you the whole time.  The idea is that the meal will be relaxing if you're not disturbed, and they let you stay as long as you want.  It's nice, but if you don't know about their system, you'll be stuck waiting for the check for a long time.  The waiter will not give it to you until you ask for it.  I found it to be a rather interesting dining system.

The European system for tipping waiters, I'm told, is too complicated for Americans to understand.  Perhaps the metric system is involved.

After lunch, I got lost, looking for a vestments store so I could buy a black cincture for my cassock.  I found three Irish pubs while exploring--I must have a knack for finding them.  I also found a really nice mural of St. Isidore...

...At the St. Isidore bar.  They should comission that artist to make a duplicate picture for a local church.

Dinner was KFC again, at the request of the other guys.  I rested a lot today, because I'm still kind of recovering from yesterday's heat stroke.

Tomorrow, we go to Toledo.  The next day, I'm going to visit the local sites in Madrid which I made note of earlier.  This includes the Cathedral that houses St. Ignatius' relics, some stores, and those Irish pubs.


3D###Boy said...

Believe me Michael, the European system for tipping waiters didn't evovle just involve. Only Europeans can understad this systems that have no reason to be put on the list with the ative systems. Is like this systems were made by Romanians, "The People Who Do Everything Wrong"!!!!!

One day, when I was watching the news, the politicians of Romania sayd that they do wrong when they reduce the price from all the products from the supermarkets and general stores. Suckers.....

3D###Boy said...

Oh, and... Hope you're enjoying Spain !

Villas for Luxury Holidays said...

Glad to know you enjoyed your trip to Spain last year. Any plans for this year especially during the holidays? :)