Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Professor Layton and the Last Specter (Part 5)

Time to finish my overview of the lastest Professor Layton game.  I'm not sure if I've been explaining the plot of the game very well so far, but that's probably because it's not as plot-heavy as the previous game.

Anyway, we've reached the end of the game, so it's time for Professor Layton to have a dramatic confrontation with the game's culprit.  This culprit is responsible for the evil specter that has appeared all over town and destroyed buildings.  And the culprit is...

...Someone we've never heard of before.  His name is Jean Descole.  I don't want to be mean to the poor man, but he looks like a reject from a Shakespeare play.

It is revealed that Jean has been holding Luke's mother hostage for months.  Also, the specter was really him, using a machine to dig for gold.  Before Layton can question this plotline too much, Jean's digging machines turn into a Super Robot that attacks the town.

Layton is prepared for this, though.  His foolproof plan to destroy the robot?  Destroy its circuitry by getting it wet!  Layton pulls out a garden hose and sprays the robot with water.

No, I'm just joking.  That would be sensible.  Instead, Layton decides to get the robot wet by destroying the town dam and flooding the entire city.  Suddenly, it looks like Professor Layton is more dangerous to the town's safety than the villain is.  The villain realizes this, and leaves.

After Layton's reckless destruction of the entire town, our heroes go north.  Now, try to follow me here, folks.  I know that Layton just destroyed the town dam and flooded the town.  Well, it turns out that the two has a second dam that's connected to the lake.  Loosha the Giant Seal smashes his head against the dam fifteen times, until it breaks.  This means the town gets flooded a second time.  Why do our heroes keep flooding the town?

The second flood reveals the hidden entrance to the Golden Garden, which contains no gold whatsoever.  Loosha the Giant Seal dies, because he fractured his skull while breaking the second dam.  It's rather sad to see our animal friend die, but the good news is that the magical air in the Golden Garden manages to cure Arianna's life-threatening disease.  So, Luke's girlfriend doesn't die after all!  Hooray!  To show her thanks, Arianna kisses Luke, and he suddenly transforms from Timid Prequel Luke to the Confident Luke we know and love from the other games in the series.

That's about it for the game.  Layton becomes a famous archeologist for finding the Golden Garden, Luke becomes Professor Layton's apprentice, the villain swears to return and do evil things in the next game, and Emmy...I'm sure she did something interesting, but they forgot to mention what it was.  Oh well.  Next time, perhaps.


Winky Go Moo said...

Flooding the town wasn't Layton's idea. It was Loosha's. Layton, Emmy, and Luke came up with a whole other plan to take down the Super Robot, which failed. Loosha broke down the dam to save their lives.

And Loosha didn't die because she (yes, Loosha is a girl) fractured her skull against the second dam. She took a very heavy beating against the Super Robot, and THAT'S why she died.

Sorry if that came off as a little harsh. I just really love the plot of the game and don't want to see it misunderstood. :)

Anonymous said...

Saw this the other day, and thought of these blog posts. = )