Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Things

1. I've noticed that Pope John Paul II's birth name is always listed as Karol Jozef Wojtyla. Why doesn't anybody translate it into English as Charles Joseph Wojtyla?

2. People still seem amused by the joke I made three years ago, when I said that soap operas like Days of our Lives sometimes have Topless Tuesdays.  That's what my family calls it when all the hunky guys are topless, so they can show off how good-looking they are.  I always fast-forward through those scenes, but it's sometimes amusing to watch them and see what ridiculous excuse the guys give for being shirtless.  They usually try to pretend that they've just had a big exercise workout, even though they obviously haven't played any sports more physically demanding than checkers, because their hair and makeup are still perfect.

Anyway, Topless Tuesdays still lives on. Check out the first minute of this Tuesday's episode.

3. I have no idea what to do for New Year's Eve this year. Maybe I'll just go to bed early again.


Anonymous said...

Actually Michael I believe it was only THREE things not four things!


Don't feel bad Michael, for the past couple of years I have been sleeping through New Year's Eve but because of living like 15 minutes away from Washington D.C. I can always hear fireworks and other similar noises going off. The crazy thing is that sometimes days before the holidays the fireworks and other similar noises will go off and it makes such a loud symphony of noises that it's difficult to sleep through it all. Also the only plans I currently have for New Year's is to attend church and teach my Sunday School class. And I know what you mean people don't always translate the foreign language spelling name of various people including my Grandmother whom I was named after that she was always referred to as Vita but in English it translates to Victoria, go figure! Also my great-aunts (her sisters I believe) used to write my family and I read the other letters and they always refer to me as Alice since there is no real way to translate my Greek name of Alysia into a common name that is easily recognized. Secondly I have also noticed that the topless tuesdays continues even on other days besides just Tuesdays but it does seem to be a tradition of all soap operas, at least they didn't do when they aired on the radio, or did they? hmmmmmmm. let me research that!

Britnie said...

I personally find your Topless Tuesday observation funny just because it is so true! I never really noticed it until you pointed it out, but it seems so obvious now. As for what to do on New Year Eve’s, you have to at least watch a little of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” especially since this year will be their 40th anniversary. I am really disappointed though that Ryan Seacrest appears to be the heir to the program after Clark. Obviously, nobody is going to be able to replace or do as good as job as Clark, but there are so many other hosts that could have gotten a lot closer to Clark’s legacy than a neophyte entertainer like Seascrest. Clark is hardly on the show anymore anyway, with Seacrest hosting the majority of it and occasionally shooting over to Clark, (although that is fair with Clark’s age and his health problems), but I still watch it. When the sad day eventually comes and Clark passes on however, I probably won’t watch the program anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, it was three things, he just put in another paragraph and a video at thing number 2.