Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yumi's Secret

Someone pointed out something rather itneresting.  In Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge, there is a scary sequence where someone tells Yumi that her secret is known.

It's in 0:48 of this video:

...Did we ever find out what Yumi's secret is?  I don't remember finding out any of Yumi's secrets.


Izzy said...

Oh yeah! I remember that! I was wondering that too. Her Interactive really should tell us!

Anonymous said...

That's weird... 0.o That's going to be bugging me now.

Anonymous said...

Nancy should of really picked up on that.

Anonymous said...

Either she has a secret or the 'bad guy' made it up to scare her.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about that... The makers of the game never fully developed that plot line. I wonder why...

Emily said...

If you really look at the plot of the game, you could basically cut Yumi out completely and it wouldn't make any difference. This scene is just another example of that.

Moriah said...

Wow that was really interesting! I never thought of that.

Philip said...

There is a thread on the HeR boards discussing this.

Some quotes from the users:

"I think Rentaro was responsible. :)

Yumi was the first one to find her mother unconscious in the baths. That may have caused her a lot of grief and guilt. She was also adamant about taking over the ryokan against Takae's wishes. Based on her actions, she did appear to be somewhat superstitious and I believe that Rentaro played on that.

Rentaro was pressuring Miwako to move to the city and he didn't want Yumi to possibly change her mind about coming back, so perhaps he felt the best course of action was to make sure the ryokan shut down entirely.

Remember, Rentaro mentioned that he frequently visits the city including Yumi's bento stand so it's not impractical that he'd often stay over and have access to Yumi's apartment as well. I think HE's the one who left the mysterious CD and the book on shadow puppets at her place. He'd have had plenty of opportunity to rig the window message, but he probably wasn't expecting Nancy to stay over that night.

When Nancy told Yumi about the message, she automatically fell for the trap and her own superstitions ("It means my grandmother was right..") played off the guilt she never overcame from her mother's passing.

If I recall, the last text message Yumi sends Nancy was of her and Rentaro together at one of the purikura booths so he may have been IN the city at the time before catching a train back to the ryokan before closing time.

That's just my theory anyway. :P"

"I think Rentaro was trying to scare Yumi. As far as what her secret was, well, that could have just been a shot in the dark. After all, everyone has some secret, and by leaving it unnamed, it leaves room for a guilty conscience to assume the worst."

I think these two people have the best reasonings. :D

Sparksbet said...

After reading Philip's comment, I think that perhaps, along with hiding the video and book on shadow puppets in her apartment, Rentaro wrote the message to pin suspicion on Yumi. After all, he was obviously already nearby (hed would've had to be to rig that message, right?) and likely saw that Nancy was staying at Yumi's instead of Yumi herself, then decided to put that on the window to make Yumi look suspicious - after all, if she has a secret, she must be up to something right?

Unknown said...

Ya, I wonder? All i know is that scene always scared the he'll out of me! Creepiest ND game by far. Personally, I think it's way scarier than curse of BlackMoor.

Kira said...

I noticed this from the first time I played through SAW, and it thoroughly bugged me. -_- I remember being really excited that my favorite character had a dark secret, but once I found out the HerInteractive failed to explain it, I was disappointed. However, a lot of the reasonings people have came up with on the message boards make sense.

Miriam said...

Yumi was in love with Rentaro!!!

Uh, yeah, probably not.

Invisible said...

How would Rentaro have known about the letters though?

Anonymous said...

can you figure it out for us

Anonymous said...

Which part did this scene happen on youtube?

Karoline said...

There is noticeably big money to understand about this.

Hannie said...

*RAGE!!!* WHAT WAS YUMI'S SECRET?! Is HerInteractive TRYING to make us wonder untill we DIE?! SERIOUSLY!!

Elaina Rice said...

I compiled some data to try and figure this out, but I ended up with more questions than answers. Here's what I came up with:

Glowing writing on window: "I know your secret, Yumi. I can't wait to see you again."
- Original message:
"Dear Maryanne,
Yumi wanted me to tell you...Such good friends...I wish I knew [becomes "know"] your secret...Hurry back soon...I know I promised...Send my love to the family...I can't wait to see you again."
- Why say, "I can't wait to see you again"? What was the point? To make her stay on guard?
- Why quote her mother's letter? To tease at Yumi's guilt for her mother's death?
- One of her mother's letters was on the shelf in Yumi's room. Yumi said that Rentaro had stayed the night in her room before, so he could have easily read the letter.
- When told about the message, Yumi became noticeably upset and told Nancy to not joke with her about that sort of thing. Then she said that it meant her grandmother was right (about what though?)

Newspaper article: "Last evening, officers responded to an emergency call from fifteen year old Shimizu Yumi after she found her mother, Shimizu Kasumi, 42, who runs the Ryokan Hiei, lying unconsciousness in the indoor ryokan bath. After arriving, the emergency crews were unable to revive the apparent drowning victim. Police are currently treating the case as a crime, but have yet to press charges. If this is an accident-"
- Not the words, "lying unconscious in the indoor ryokan bath...apparent drowning."
- Yumi was the one who found her. Was she the one who pulled her mother out of the water? How was anyone able to reach Kasumi when the area was slippery and dangerous?
- How come none of the family members seem to know what had fully happened to Kasumi? Didn't they have an autopsy done? If she hit her head when falling, it would explain why she couldn't get out. If she didn't hit her head, then how come she wasn't able to get out?
- The police said they were treating the case as a crime. Wouldn't the grandmother have told them about how she sent Kasumi to clean the baths and about how dangerous the area was?
- This is fairly off point, but why would they have a bath that was dangerous? If kids were to play around the water, they could easily die.
- Another off-point question: what was the reason why the Shimizu family didn't want anybody to discover the hidden baths (so much that they built a secret passage and tightly closed up the entrance so that not even a whisper of it could be seen from the other side)? Was it because Kasumi had died there and they all felt guilty about her death?
- The final off-point question: I can understand why the grandmother felt guilty about her daughter's death since she was the one who sent her there without her knowing about the dangerous spots, but why were Miwako and Yumi feeling guilty? Because they weren't there with her? Was it survivor's guilt?

That's all I have for know. Tell me what you think.

Audray Black said...

I feel like I may have an answer to your final off point question, or at least can make some sense of it. I questioned why they had banners to tell you whether you could enter the bath or not. Why couldn't they just have two different baths, one for men and one for women? Maybe this was something they did in Japan that I didn't understand? But I that wouldn't I explain the secret bath. And the Shumizu family refer to the bath as a plural when there really was only one?

My theory is that the Ryokan Hiei used to have two hot springs baths, and that Kasumi died in the secret one. After her death, everyone felt so guilty that they blocked that bath and let it degrade into a state of decrepency. Or maybe they blocked it off because of the guest who saw something in the baths and went into shock and had to have the paramedics called (this was a story that Rentaro told). And no one wanted to bathe in a spring where someone died and someone else almost died. Either way, they blocked off the second bath and put a banner up in the doorway of the only bath they claimed they had.