Friday, November 4, 2011

What's Up With Nintendo

In today's Friday news post, let's talk about what's going on with Nintendo right now.

First up, Nintendo published their quarterly earnings statement.  As you might remember, the last quarter was very bad for Nintendo; they had to cut their expected profit by 82%, and they cut the price of the 3DS by $80.  So how did Q4 (or as they call it in Japan, Q2) go for them?

Well...not so good.  The reports show a loss of $924,000,000.  That's almost a billion dollars.  They say the huge loss of money is due to the poor world economy, which has hurt most of the Japanese companies which rely on exports for profits.  Also, Nintendo blames the 3DS price cuts for making them lose money.  I find this claim to be completely ridiculous, because if they didn't drop the price of the 3DS, no one would have bought one.  The same financial reports prove that people actually started buying the 3DS once the price dropped!  The number of 3DSes that were sold tripled, compared to the previous quarter.

Also, Nintendo is making the Circle Pad Pro, which is an accesssory that connects to the 3DS.  It gives you...another circle pad, on the right-hand side of the screen.  It makes the 3DS sort of look like a PSP.  I'm really bad at games that require two control sticks, such as everything ever made for the Xbox 360, so I'm going to pass on buying this kind of bulky accessory.

The 3DS Shop is coming to PC and Smartphones.  Good to see that they're trying to fix the 3DS shop, which has a weird layout that makes it hard to find whatever game you're looking for.  Also, I haven't purchased anything from the shop because it follows a weird points system that I can't decipher.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure the games cost way more than iPhone games do.

Whoops, I was so busy complaining about the 3DS shop that I forgot to say how it's being improved!  It...isn't being improved.  You can look up a game in the shop on your smartphone, but then you have to use your 3DS camera to take a picture of the QR reader.  The "buy this game" page will then open on the 3DS.  That seems like a lot of unnecessary work, and it'd be easier to just use the 3DS shop on the 3DS itself.


Sammy said...

I've never liked nintendo that much anyway...

Anonymous said...

One thing the video about the 3ds;

in the preview were any of the games out?

If so, they are starring at a blank screen.

If not, well enjoy the game