Monday, November 21, 2011

Professor Layton (Part 3)

Welcome back to my plot recap of Professor Layton and the Last Specter.  When we last left off, our heroes made no progress at all in hunting down the mysterious specter that is destroying the town.  They did learn that Mr. Barde, the father of Luke's girlfriend Arianna, died under mysterious circumstances.

Emmy decides that she hasn't yet cemented her role as a main character in the series, so she decides to fly solo for a while.  She goes to London and meets up with Inspector Grosky of Scotland Yard.  Grosky is a barrel-chested crimefighter.  No, seriously.  His chest is roughly the shape and size of a barrel.  It's creative character design, and I don't know whether to be amused or scared by it.

Emmy learns that Mr. Barde's death was a suicide.  There was only one witness, and the witness inherited all of Mr. Barde's estate.  Who was the witness?  Luke's father, Darth Vader Clark.

Our heroes interrogate Clark, but they don't learn anything.  In the meantime, they meet with the morbidly obese and obviously evil Police Chief Jakes.  Jakes gives them twenty-four hours to leave town, before he arrests them.  Also, he sends a pack of thugs after our heroes to  beat them up.  Emmy has watched Kung-Fu Panda at least twenty times, though, so she is able to fight the thugs without much trouble.

Then, it's time for a weird plot twist!  Luke reveals that he has a magical talking mouse in his pocket. The mouse has the power to predict where the specter is going to appear.  I am not making this up.  There really is a magical talking mouse.  His name is Toppy.  Luke is fluent in Mouse, so he talks with Toppy to learn that the specter will appear near the arch in town, where the water level is low.

There is, of course, no reason to doubt the word of Toppy the Magical Talking Mouse.  That's why our heroes go to the arch that night. When the specter appears, Layton gets a good look at it.  He determines its identity immediately, and right when he's about to announce what the specter is...

...The police show up and arrest Professor Layton.  All our heroes, including Toppy, get thrown into jail.  Oh no, not Toppy!  Can our heroes escape from jail and solve the mystery, before someone gets killed by the specter?  Does Luke always keep vermin inside his pockets, or was this just a one-time deal?  Will the Professor ever remember how he first met Emmy?  Stay tuned!


Karen said...

I have finished the game and I think that it was pretty good. It's funny on who does the the voice of the "Main Bad Guy". I had to do a search on line to make sure I was right, and I was:)

I can't wait to read the next part.

Vandegriffwxcl said...

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