Monday, November 28, 2011

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Part 2)

To continue my recap of the first hour or so of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword...

  • Finally, I get through the tutorials, then I go meet Zelda, near the goddess statue. Zelda is wearing a fancy costume, because she's playing the goddess in the play today. She wanted Link to be the first one to see it, and she giggles a few times.
  • Sadly, the dialogue is kind of hard to read, because the game is supposed to be played on a widescreen TV, and I don't have one of those. It is impossible to read any of the colored text.
  • Zelda's father appears. He is kind of hideous. He's got a large unibrow, which he combs upwards to cover his bald spot. He and Zelda talk about Link for about five minutes, as if Link isn't standing right next to them.
  • It seems that everyone in town has a guardian bird called a Loftwing. Today, they're having a flying competition, with the birds. The winner of the race gets to do something special with Zelda, for the ceremony. Naturally, she wants Link to win. Link is the only one in town with a crimson-colored bird, which is why he's special.
  • Zelda is very concerned that Link will lose the race, and so she drags him off to practice. She takes him to the edge of the island, then pushes him off.
  • Link screams as he plummets to the ground. His bird doesn't come to pick him up.
  • Eventually, Zelda realizes something is wrong, so she jumps off the side of the island. Her bird appears, and the two of them save Link's life. Way to go, Zelda! Of course, it's your fault his life was in danger in the first place, but still, I thought it was cool.
  • So something weird is going on with Link's bird. Can he find his bird before the race starts?
  • Twenty minutes later, I managed to find a character named Groose. He is the bully of the Knight Academy, and he tells his friends that he kidnapped Link's bird. He starts bad-mouthing Link, when Zelda shows up to the rescue.
  • And Groose has a crush on Zelda. Uh oh! Link's going to have to find his bird, then win the race! We don't want that jerk to get some alone time with Zelda, do we?
  • My Wii-mtote ran out of battery during the scene with Groose, which is a real shame, because I wanted to win the race and triumphantly say, "Ha!  Looks like  your Groose is cooked!"

And that's it!  I might write a full review someday, but so far, it seems rather interesting.  I played for an hour after that, and the game really emphasized the fact that Link and Zelda would be a great couple together.  That's interesting, because in every other Zelda game, Link and Zelda aren't boyfriend and girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of the soundtrack?


Diana said...

I'm really enjoying the game so far. Can't wait to hear your opinions on the rest!

Kira said...

Woohoo!!!!!!!! I always thought Link and Zelda should get together. ^_^

Anonymous said...

@Kira Me to! They're so cute together!