Sunday, November 20, 2011

Antique Shopping

On Thursday, I had to go out of town, about a half-hour to the north.  Before returning back home, I figured I'd visit the local antique store, which is really big.

Apparently, it used to be two different antique stores that merged into one.  With such a big store, I was able to find a lot of great items.

Ah!  My cooking problems are over!  I've got a book of magic recipes for the new-fangled electric blender that just got invented!

A Hardy Boys Mysteries lunchbox?  I can put my electric blender food in there!  I would gladly pay $5 for that, but sadly, it cost $45.  Antique stores, why can't you have garage sale prices?  Then people would actually buy things from you.

There was a large shelf of Disney figurines, which were nice to look at.

Among the pictures they had for sale was one of random mustache man.

Why did they put a copy of Zelda: Minish Cap inside the 1940's case?


After seeing all their items, I was thinking about buying two or three things. But then I overheard the two employees talking about me. They were old and must have hearing problems, because they were talking louder than necessary. They were discussing whether or not they could trick me into buying a figurine, if they pretended it was supposed to be religious. "We'll just say it's a Virgin Mary. He'll never know the difference," the woman said. The man laughed in response.

So naturally, I left without buying anything from Rip-Off Antiques. After that, I went to a smaller antique/gift store. The small store was much better, even if their selection wasn't as extensive. The lady at the counter was nice, and they had garage sale prices. I went home with two 1910s books for five dollars.


Moriah said...

Wow that antiques store had a lot of things you could buy! I love to go garage sale shopping! and store shopping also.

Film Geek said...

I HAVE THAT LUNCHBOX!!! :D Well, one that looks exactly like it. I got it for my birthday last year after the Hardy Boys summer of 2010. I wish it hadn't been so much so that we could match. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Hardy Boys have poofy hair... THEY SHOULD BE MODELS!!! :D

Invisible said...

Wow I can't believe they would try to rip you off. I would never buy something from them if they hire employes who try to rip people off.

Anonymous said...

Was the antique shop as cool as Alexei's?

מערכות ישיבה said...

Oh.. I love antique stores. I can spend hours going around the old beautiful stuff especially with furniture

Sammy said...

I don't particularly like antique stores, mostly because I've had some bad experiences in them. A lot of them have signs on the door saying 'No Children or Teenagers', many in a way that resembles 'no dogs allowed' signs. I find this pretty offensive. Another time I went into an antique store and the owner gave me a death stare and and not very discreetly followed me around(supervising me, i guess) and when I found a little figurine that I wanted to buy he almost had a fit when i picked it up, yelling at me to 'not touch' and when I told him I wanted to buy it he said he doesn't sell to children(even though I am a teenager). WHAT? Now you tell me?

Lynniepoo87 said...


this has nothing to do with your post!

I saw this game on Big Fish and thought you might enjoy it:

Kara said...

WOW. Rude much? Glad you didn't buy anything from them!

I've really hated prices from Antique shops in the past. I would have cried when I saw the lunch box and had to pass it up because it was simply too expensive. Or I might be eating a little bit less this month because I purchased it! :P

antique beds said...

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