Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Public Demonstrations

In my town yesterday, there were two big public demonstrations.

The first one was led by the America Needs Fatima, which is a Catholic organization that works to spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  They also work against corruption and moral depravity in our country at large.  I'm not officially affiliated with them, but I support the cause of improving our country, so I show up for their public rosary every year.

The second big public demonstration was done by the Occupy Wall Street group.  I'm still not entirely sure what this group is about, but it seems that they also are working against corruption and moral depravity in our country.  Their main focus is the economy, and every time I see pictures of them on the news, they are either camping or being arrested.

Now, the America Needs Fatima organization got a permit and everything for our demonstration months ago.  We were going to hold the demonstration in a nearby plaza, so nobody would have to travel very far to get there.  However, the Occupy Wall Street people just marched in and took over the plaza on Saturday morning, setting up all sorts of tents and things.  The local government told us that we'd have to move our demonstration to City Hall instead.  That meant an extra fifteen minute walk for everyone involved, but nobody seemed discouraged by it.

The demonstration itself was about a half hour.  We set up the large posters and signs, and then we prayed the rosary, along with some additional prayers, such as the Total Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  We took some group photos, and that was basically it.  A good time was had by all, and the event was a success, drawing over 50 people and gaining the attention of numerous passers-by.

I don't know how successful the Occupy Wall Street demonstration was, but I understand it lasted for several hours.  I think they had only about 40 people at their demonstration, though, probably because it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.


Diana said...

I think that's really nice. I'll probably try to find somewhere that does that around where I live. That's very mean of the other group to steal your plaza from you.

Inky said...

Maybe the Occupy Wall Street association are lead by Harry Potter and Ron, and Hermione. Lol.

Miriam said...

My first thought when I read "Fatima" was the costumed person in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. :D

Airam said...

To try clear things up for Micheal, I am too pretty confused about the whole mess and I'm only taking up bit's and pieces but The Occupy Wall Street group is just a bunch of people who are mad because they aren't rich, and they want to take away the riches hard earned money so they don't have to work.

Anonymous said...

Religion is like a penis.
It's fine to have one.
It's fine to be proud of it.
But please don't whip it out in public and wave it around.
And please don't shove it down our throats.

Nautilus said...

@Airam: You don't really think that's all the Occupy movement is, do you? That's really demeaning to the people who work themselves to the bone and still have no chance of maintaining a standard of living or college graduates that no one will hire because employers can't pay the salary for that fancy sheet of paper.

It would be wonderful if rich and poor were determined purely by who works hard and who doesn't, but that just isn't the way things are working right now.

Sorry, you got pushed out though, boss.

Emily said...

At least they let you have your demonstration anyway and didn't say you had to cancel because they showed up instead. That would have been really lame.

@Araim: 1. Don't be a troll
2. The Occupy Wall Street movement is about a lot of different things, but mostly they're upset about the "trickle down theory" that has been proven time and time again to be ineffective, yet we're still doing things like giving the rich (who can afford whatever they want) all kinds of tax cuts with the claim that this will help the overall economy. They're also upset that the bankers who were so corrupt and basically got caught doing all kinds of illegal things were never prosecuted.
In a nutshell, they're a lot of middle class, average people who feel like they're not being heard or taken care of because of louder, less appropriate movements like the Westboro Baptist Church and overzealous left-wing folks that claim the government has no right to set morals and standards for their people steal the spotlight and the divide in Congress is preventing the government from getting anything done.

Lynxie said...

@ Anonymous 12:38
This is his personal blog. If he wants to talk about his religion, he should be able to do that without being accused of shoving it down your throat. His religion is a pretty big part of his life. To avoid reading about religion (if it really offends you that much), just don't read those parts of his blog! :P

Diana said...

We actually talked about the Occupy Wall Street group in religion class today a little. Did you know they actually have an Occupy LA group that's pretty much the same?
@Anonymous 12:18
That's offensive. He's not shoving it down anyone's throat. Maybe you're just overreacting a bit...?

Sammy said...

@Lynxie @Diana I was referring nit to Michael, but the religious groups he was talking about. If I saw a religious group praying the rosary and advertising their cause with metaphorical flashing lights, I would make a mental note to avoid that group in the future and tell everyone I know to avoid them too, just because of their offensive manner. If I saw a religious group quietly making their cause known, I would walk up to them and listen to what they have to say and respect them for it.

Lorraine said...

Miriam: I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thought that...

Lynxie said...

So it's offensive to pray in public or try to spread your religion? I don't see anything wrong with people sharing their religion with others, since a lot of times it's because they care about the other person and want them to be as happy as they are. That's why I share my religion with my friends; it makes my life so much better than it otherwise would be. You shouldn't avoid a religion just because they pray in public or preach... In case you hadn't noticed, religions in general tend to involve prayer and preaching.