Friday, October 28, 2011

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

I just got my copy of the newest Professor Layton game, Professor Layton and the Last Specter.  I had so much with my recap of the third game that I'm going to recap this game, too.

The Last Specter is the first game in a prequel trilogy.  It starts off with a young Professor Layton meeting his spunky new sidekick, Emmy Altava.  She's a biker chick with a bow tie and a love of photography.  The first thing she does is cut in front of him while he's driving, then she slams on the brakes.  Layton stops his car to yell at her, but then she jumps into his car and drives off.

I think they were trying to show that Emmy is eager to work with the Professor, but instead, it sort of made her look like a kidnapper and a horrible driver, besides.  Don't worry, Emmy, we still like you.

Professor Layton and Emmy are going to Weirdnameville, which is a town that is being haunted by a humongous specter.  The specter only appears at night, when it's very foggy out.  The specter has also destroyed several homes, and it needs to be stopped immediately.

At the end of Chapter One, Layton first meets Luke, his sidekick from the other games.  Because this is the prequel trilogy, Luke is wearing his hideous prequel clothes.  Seriously, the boy is wearing ugly suspenders, and he's constantly frowning, probably because the other children make fun of his clothes.  Instead of the happy Luke we know and love, Prequel Luke is constantly scared, depressed and overly serious.

The first thing Prequel Luke does is predict that the world will end soon.  Five minutes later, the world ends.  GAME OVER.

No, wait, that's not it.  Luke says that the specter is going to appear in the north part of town that night, so our three heroes go over there to book a hotel room.  After all, Layton saw a Scooby Doo episode like this once, so he's sure that's the best way to catch the fake ghost.

That's as far as I've gotten so far.  Is the specter going to appear in the next chapter?   Why is Luke so depressed?  How does Luke know when and were the specter will appear?  And how does Emmy know the Professor, when he doesn't recognize her?  These questions will probably be answered next time I play the game, unless the world ends before then.


NancywantClues said...

Good job, arglefumph!

Was I the only one reminded of Doctor Who with Emmy's (pretty close to Amy, huh?) bow tie and suspenders? :)

Diana said...

I'm so excited to get that game! Does anyone know a place that'll have it right away, Target/Wal-mart? Something?

Anonymous said...

Make sure you don't post any major spoilers from the game on here, ok?? I plan to get it in a couple of months (when I can afford it) and I want to solve it for myself!!

Winky Go Moo said...

Believe me, Emmy's all kinds of awesome! :D

PuddleofWaterBASS said...

I just beat that game last night. It was really fun, but I didn't think the plot was as well put together as it was in the original 3 games. I think you'll agree. But I'm still optimistic about this prequel series - I like prequel Luke!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I went to Walmart and saw the the game, but because I read your review I'm not really sure I should get it.