Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Economic Woes

I'm kind of worried about the economic situation in our country right now.

Okay, scratch that.  I'm not kind of worried.  I'm very worried.

All my job-seeking friends still can't find jobs.  The latest statistics show that the poverty rate in America has gone way, way up.  Childhood poverty is at 22%, which is almost 1 in 4.  The overall poverty rate in America is the second highest in the world, behind Mexico.

My current town is kind of safe from economic woes, but that's because the problems are all occurring in the next town over, AKA three blocks away.  There's a lot of low-income housing in that town, and the banks basically own all the houses, because not even middle-income people can afford mortgages right now.

Wells Fargo has just struck a major deal to sell half of all the housing property they own to a company in Chicago.  Most of these are apartments; it adds up to 1800 units in 101 buildings.  The Chicago company basically plans to kick out the tenants and convert the buildings into high-rise apartments, complete with a supermall complex.

Where are thousands of people going to live now?  Those kids I was tutoring all last year live in this area; it's a good bet that some of them are going to be affected by this.

Anyway, that's what's worrying me right now.


Anonymous said...

maybe you could try to make the most out of the job(who knows how much time you have left before the problem reaches YOU?)you have, and donate the money! I'm not sure about this method, but it's the best I could think of! oh, and pray to God too!

Diana said...

It's really very worrying. I'm involved in all the service organizations at my school, working at soup kitchens and such, but I'd like to do more...

Sammy said...

22% really? Where I live in Australia it is 13%(and 3% for children). Everything here is pretty expensive, but we have a good economy and It's very safe. I hope things get better for the people in the US. :)