Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monsters Inc

I think I mentioned earlier that they're making a prequel to Monsters, Inc. Personally, I like Monsters, Inc., but I think it gets more credit than it deserves.  It especially bugs me when people say it's such a creative idea to have a children's movie about nice monsters, because "nice monsters" has been the premise of Sesame Street for about 40 years now.

I worked at the movie theaters when Monsters, Inc. came out, and I liked the duet that played at the end of the movie, during the ending credits. I heard the song about twenty times, because I'd be cleaning the movie theater while the song played.

But after a month or so, they released a new version of the movie, where bloopers play during the ending credits, instead of the song. And then later on, they released another version of the movie, with more bloopers during the ending credits.  I liked the song during the credits better, myself.

Anyway, it seems that Monsters is getting a 3D re-release, to prep everyone for the sequel, just like they did with Toy Story 3. What's with all these sequels being made over ten years after the original, anyway? Kind of odd.


Emily said...

Yeah, I personally think the whole 3-D thing is just a gimmick to get people to pay more for the money. Speaking as someone who has a lot of camera experience, it doesn't cost the film company any more to shoot the film in 3-D. You just need the right kind of camera (which is basically a standard HD camera with a switch on it to shoot with a dual lens).

On the bright side, the origninal Monsters Inc. is on ABC Family tonight!

Sammy said...

I think the animation companies are not having much luck with creating new concepts for movies, so they have to pull their previous movies out and make a sequel. I didn't even like monsters inc. that much, and I dislike 3-d movies even more, so i know what i'm NOT going to watch.

Celia said...

Yikes, it's the "Return of the Sequel"! Anyway, I completely agree that rereleasing movies is a bit of a gimmick and a money grab. However, in these tough economic times building on something that has already been established as a success is fairly good insurance that the new product will be successful. I don't particularly agree with this tactic, as it has been rather over done lately, but I suppose it is understandable to a certain extent.

Invisible said...

Disney really loves the idea of "after 10 years sequels" soon they probably do an incredibles sequel.

Jennifer said...

an Incredibles sequel would be great!

Anonymous said...

Well, pixar movies take a looong time to make. They've been working on "The incredibles" for 4 years before it came out. Pixar has a lot of idea's that mosly get scrapped or turned into movie gold. Although, I think the world can do without re-releases when you might already have it on DVD.