Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phoenix Wright VS Professor Layton Recap

Phoenix Wright fans got super excited this week.  For the first time since, I dunno, 2006, Capcom announced a special half-hour Phoenix Wright presentation at the Tokyo Game Show.  30 minutes of Phoenix Wright news!  That's pretty interesting.

Fans had all sorts of theories about what we'd see in the presentation.  A trailer for the upcoming Phoenix Wright VS Professor Layton, for sure.  Maybe an English translation of Miles Edgeworth 2.  (That one was more of a desperate hope than a real theory.)  Most likely the announcement of a new game, either Miles Edgeworth 3 or Ace Attorney 5.  After all, Mr. "I wrote Miles Edgeworth 1 and 2" has been talking about his desire to work on Ace Attorney 5 for a while now, and he's currently assigned to an "unknown" project.

Before the Tokyo Game Show, a Japanese gaming magazine ran an article on Phoenix Wright VS Professor Layton and...hmmm...what's the best way to phrase this?

The magazine article was the entire 30 minute presentation.

Don't get me wrong, the article was pretty cool.  But the presentation was pretty much unnecessary to everyone who read the article.  They didn't announce any new games or show any new trailers or screenshots or anything.  Kind of a letdown.

So what did we get out of the magazine article?
  1. Seven or so screenshots of PW VS PL.  They're okay, I guess.  As we've seen before, most 3DS screenshots look pretty bad, with clunky 3D models.  They should really just run the game in 2D mode and use those as screenshots.
  2. Voice actor info!  The Professor Layton voice actors will be the same as always.  Meanwhile, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey will be voiced by the people who play Phoenix and Maya in the upcoming Phoenix Wright movie.
  3. We learned that the crossover was more of a corporate decision, not a personal decision.  In fact, the game was in development for a while, before they told the executive producers of both series about it.
  4. On the one hand, it looks like this is a normal Phoenix Wright game, notwithstanding the fact that it takes place about 400 years ago.  They've got a courtroom trial, an innocent defendant, and a smug prosecutor all ready.
  5. On the other hand, it looks like this is not a normal Phoenix Wright game.  Instead of courtroom trials, you have "mob trials", which are more disorganized.  Then...why have we seen so many courtroom scenes?
They still haven't announced whether or not this game will be released outside of Japan.  The closest we got to that was a press sheet at the event, which had the title of the game written in English and said "English names are TBD".  That kinda makes it seem like the game will be released in English, but then again, I've seen Japanese games with English text in them before, so it's not conclusive proof.

The next time we hear about this game is when Level-5 (the Professor Layton company) has their big press show, which is about a month away.  They claim that they're going to have a playable demo of the game, and they'll probably mention how Professor Layton fits into the whole game, because right now, it looks like he doesn't.


Diana said...

PLEASE, PLEASE RELEASE IT HERE! I will probably cry if it's not released here, seriously! Can you really deny us another Phoenix Wright game, Japan?

Anonymous said...

OMG! i will camp out front of the cinema to see that Phoenix Wright movie! Also,Michael,will you do a walkthrough for Proffessor Layton vs. Ace Attorney soon? also,please finish case 5 of Phoenix Wright. lol Yesterday i went to Game Stop at the mall,they had a Nintendo 3DS on display,and you could try it,IT WOULDN'T TURN ON! and,ew,the screen was all oily. I'm sure it wouldn't work thanks to some brats who wore it out. and ugh,they did not have Phoenix Wright games,barely ANY PC games! Whats up with that,Game Stop? Ugh,I am sooo peeved right now!

3D###Boy said...

I would probably play LOTRO(The lord of the rings online) I have a character lvl 25 Champion and a new one lvl 3 Burglar! I like it!