Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phoenix Wright is Finished

Okay, I'm finally done with the first Phoenix Wright game. The last two videos took forever to get up, because somebody (i.e. my friends at messed up the video compression or something like that.  Their version of the video looks like this:


And I had to fix that.  Lucky me. Guess I won't be running videos through them again.
Anyway, that means all the videos for the first Phoenix Wright game are done!  What should come next? Now that Phoenix Wright is gone, here are the video walkthroughs left on the list.
  1. Phoenix Wright 2 (edited)
  2. Phoenix Wright 3 (edited)
  3. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (edited)
  4. Time Hollow (an hour and a half has been edited, four hours remain)
  5. Pajama Sam 3 (about an hour has been edited, an hour and a half remains)
  6. Emerald City Confidential (not edited in the slightest)
So cast your vote today, because we're going to zoom right through this list.  I want to get these videos up before Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes, after all.  I'll have to move quickly!


N00dl3G@1 said...

Apollo Justice or Pajama Sam. Actually, forget Sam and go straight to the "Chords of Steel!"

Anonymous said...

I'm also throwing in a vote for Pajama Sam.

But any of those games would be great to watch you play.


Anonymous said...

I also would like to cast my vote for Pajama Sam, after that "Time Hollow" only because I'm curious as to what it's about.

Justin said...

Phoenix Wright all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Phoenix Wright gets my vote

Hadley said...

Phoenix Wright DEFINITLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy said...

Emerald city confidential! But I don't mind if you put it up last, considering that it's not edited.

Diana said...

My Phoenix Wright fangirlism will be some point! Yay! Thanks Michael!

Miss. Cellaneous said...

Apollo Justice!!! OR, do the Ace Attorney series in order. I REALLY want to see Apollo!!

Anonymous said...

CHORDS OF STEEL!!!!!! 8D haha