Monday, September 12, 2011

The Local Sports Teams

Sports season is starting up!  Or winding down, depending on the sport.

I know a lot of people like to pick which sports team they like.  Usually, they pick the winning team.  Me, I just root for the local sports teams.  It's easier, but there's a problem.

Pretty much all of the local teams stink.

Baseball: The San Francisco Giants are a great team, and they always try really hard.  The problem is that they just can't ever seem to be successful, not even when they have superstars like Barry Bonds on their team.

Last year was their best year in a long time, thanks mainly to their great pitchers and superstar catcher.  They managed to win the World Series, for the first time since 1954!  That's a really great achievement, breaking a 46 year losing streak.  This year, however, they're not playing so well.  Right now, the season is winding up, and it's pretty much certain that they won't even make it to the playoffs this year.  Ah, come on, Giants!  We want a second championship!

Football: The two local football teams are the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers.  I'm pretty sure that both of them lost over half of their games last season; they are in the worst division in the NFL.

Basketball: The Golden State Warriors have bad luck, I'd say.  Many of their players go on to become NBA superstars, after they get traded to another team.  We'll still root for them faithfully, just like with the Giants.

Hockey: The San Jose Sharks play great in the normal season, and they die in the playoffs.  Sometimes, just to trick everyone, they play really well for a few games in the playoffs, and then they get slaughtered.  And every year, in the offseason, they trade about 40% of the team, so last year's team is never an indication of how this year's team is going to play.

...Okay, maybe I'm slightly bitter, because I just watched the game from this year's playoffs, when the Sharks were eliminated.  The other team scored with ten seconds left to tie the game, and they won in overtime.  Oh well.  It's still better than the playoff game where we lost in overtime, because the defenseman scored on his own goalie.  That one still stings.

Maybe this year, we'll make it to the playoff finals for the first time.  Maybe?

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