Thursday, September 29, 2011

Days of Our Lives

Last Thursday, I was watching Days of our Lives.  It was a really strange episode, because every plotline dealt with them kicking characters off the show.  Every single plotline.

Here's who got the boot:
  • Dario, who somehow got an amazing job promotion that involves moving to Argentina, even though he doesn't really have a job.  I don't think too many people will miss him, because he wasn't good at acting.  He's one of those actors who acts the same way in every scene.
  • Gus was arrested and thrown in jail, where we'll never see him again.  This kind of disappoints me, because Gus was a consistently funny character.  Also, because he knew he's leaving the show, he pulled out all the stops in his acting this week.  He basically stole the show in some of his scenes this week.
  • Vivian, the other member of the Gus/Vivian comedy duo.  She's very over-the-top, which is why I enjoyed her work on the show.  The way they kicked her off the show was interesting.  They brought back the actor she worked with in the 80's or so, and she left with him to go to India, so she could star in a Bollywood musical.  I'm surprised they went through the trouble of bringing back an old character, just for one day, so he could escort her off the show.
  • Chloe is moving to Chicago.  You could kind of see this coming, because her plotlines kind of fell flat.  I mean, they tried to keep the Chloe and Parker storyline going for a while, but since Parker (her son) is no longer on the show, it just didn't work.
  • Carly is leaving for a Euro Trip.  Like Chloe, her main plotlines ended, and they didn't pick up again with any engaging new plotlines for her.  She's leaving with Melanie and Nick.
  • Taylor and Quinn are leaving for who-knows-where.  I don't think it's really in her character to run off with a guy without any notice, but that's the easiest way to get both of them to leave.
So that's...nine characters kicked off the show at once.  It was a pretty busy episode.

Of course, this week, they're bringing back five old characters, so it sort of balances out.


Anonymous said...

I watched an episode of that one time, just to see what it was like because I've never really watched soap opras. I didn't understand it...

Hadley said...

Michael,which is your page on Fb? (Facebook)

Amelicanianopolitopianthesaurexoporia said...

Micheal, can you post these sooner? I have to be at school, in the classroom at 8:00 AM, and my mornings are usually pretty dreary. So, I usually rely your blog posts to... you know, cheer me up, but since you don't usually post until about 9:30...

Sammy said...


Why don't you wait until morning to read yesterdays post if you want to read them in the morning so badly? If you can't wait then you'll just have to put up with it. Michael doesn't have to change for just you- Anyway it might be inconvenient for him to post earlier.

And to Michael- You do know that there are much better shows out there than DOOL? Try 'Light of our Love' starring Mattie Jensen and Rick Arlen (lol)