Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Writing

I tend to write these blog posts at nighttime, before I go to sleep. This is because it's one of the times that I know isn't busy.  If I picked an arbitrary time for blog writing, like 11:00 AM, some days I'd be free to write a blog post, and other days I wouldn't.  But "right before going to bed" is usually a time that I have free every day.

My bedtime, which is self-imposed, is the two hour gap between 10:00 and 12:00.  I like to go to bed earlier so I can get more sleep, but sometimes I'm too busy reading or writing or something like that, so I stay up later.  Midnight is the deadline, however.  If I'm up until then, I immediately drop whatever it is I'm doing and go to sleep.  Unless it's an emergency, of course.

Writing before I go to sleep works well with stories.  In the fifteen or so minutes of lying in bed until I fall asleep, I just go over the story and characters and plotlines, coming up with new ideas and things to write about.  Of course, I probably forget half of my good ideas, but it's still a good time for brainstorming.  I'm not doing anything else, after all.

The downside to this scheme of writing before bedtime is that sometimes, I'll be tired, and I won't feel like writing. That's when I tend to write short blog posts, which basically consist of me saying, "Hey, check out this funny video I found!".  I usually do the same thing whenever there's a new Nancy Drew newsletter.  Apparently, I'm lazy when it comes to writing blog posts.

I've got more to say about writing, but I'll save it for tomorrow.  See, by splitting up a blog entry into two parts, I save myself a day of writing!  Yes!


Anonymous said...

your funny

Anonymous said...

@anonymous,everybody has known that for years. lol @anonymous,sound wierd. anyways,i can't wait to see,what you write tommorow,Mike!

Anonymous said...

Michael, ur amazing!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can't wait!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I brainstorm better at night as well, but that's my problem; I'll get so wrapped up in the plot problems/characters that I'll be too stimulated to fall asleep, so I try not to think about ANYTHING during bedtime. Contrary to what some might think, I have lots of trouble with that, not thinking about anything. It seems like my brain is constantly pondering some philisophical idea.

Inky said...

Same THING for me too! I think it's my body's internal little clock liking to trick me out of my sleep as its cruel little joke! Lol, I only write at night but I don't stop writing if it's 12 O'clock because sometimes...I don't want to lose the idea I just came up with when I wake up!