Monday, August 29, 2011

Washington DC

I promise that someday, hopefully soon, I'll write about my recent trip to Spain.  It's probably going to take me over a month to talk about the entire trip, just like with my trip to Washington DC...

...Which was in May, but I still haven't finished writing about it.  Gee, I should finish with that trip first before moving onto Spain. Let me see, after the trip to the Washington DC Zoo, there were only two places we visited.  One of them was Washington DC proper, the place with all the famous monuments like the Lincoln Memorial.

Personally, I found it interesting just to see how the monuments and memorials are laid out.  I knew about most of them ahead of time, but nobody ever explained to me where the monuments are, relative to each other.  They're all close enough that you can walk to all of them on foot, but unless you can take a break from walking to rest, you're better off taking the bus.  It's kind of hot in DC.

I was with my mother, and we went around the area on foot.  From the Lincoln memorial, we went to the Korean War memorial and the Vietnam War memorial.  From there, we just followed along the park to the tiny and ofter overlooked memorial to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, which is basically just a series of 56 plaques with names on them.  It's still kind of nice, and a very low-key area, so you can sit and relax and watch the ducks on the pond if you like.

We walked over to the FDR memorial area, which has several statues and many quotations, and a tour group of students who didn't really want to be outside in the sun.  From there, we went along the Japanese trees area, and the spot where they were building the now-open Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial.  We went to the World War Two memorial, which I thought was very nice looking, even if water fountains don't have anything at all to do with WW2.

We decided against going to the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Library, because that would require walking too far.  We got enough pictures of the Washington Monument from far away, anyway.  Plus, the large reflection pool in front of the Washington Monument was closed for repairs.  Tons of bulldozers were in the roped-off area.

We got onto the Washington DC Tour Bus after that.  We didn't have tickets for it; we figured we'd buy tickets on the bus.  However, the conductor didn't come around to check our tickets, so we never actually bought any.  I guess we got on at the stop right after the one where they check tickets.

We rode the tour bus for a long time, and we got off at the northern part of DC, where we saw the White House and the Andrew Jackson park area.  Close to the park is the church which brags that every President from the past 100 years has gone to mass there.  Personally, that just made me disappointed in John F. Kennedy, who was the only Catholic US President.  He really should have gone to mass at a Catholic church, instead of going to mass at the closest possible church to his house.  Maybe I misunderstood the church's claim to have presidential parishoners, though.

After that, Mom and I had lunch together.  We were tired, and it was hot, so we decided to skip going to one of the fancy museums in DC, and we went back to the hotel instead.  That is one of the good things about travelling alone or in a small group; you can decide when break time is, whenever you want.  With the trip to Spain, I was in a large group, so I could never ask for an impromptu break, on account of the heat.  That's a shame, because Spain had about triple degree weather the whole time we were there.  Why is it that trips always take place during the summer, when it's too hot to go somewhere?


Kira said...

I hear you. I have to make a family trip out to North Dakota every year, and it's usually BAKING there. Not that I mind toooo much, living in Washington State.

Diana said...

Sounds fun! I actually have never been to D.C. (I know, I'm a horrible American) but I hope to go sometime soon.

Film Geek said...

Last year I went with a local youth group...I loved riding the metro and my favorite place to see was the Library of Congress! :D I wasn't allowed in the main rotunda, but the marble pillars and architecture helped make up for that! (Plus I just love libraries in general so...) If you ever go back to DC, you should go there!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun in Washington D.C. I've never been there, but my dad has when he was in the Union buisness. He got to see a lot of memorials , and parks. I hope you had a fun time there! Maybe I have to go there one day.

Sandra Lee's Boring Life said...

Are those students that were in a tour group wearing really read jackets?! Because if they were, then that was us! We're an orchestra that got to play at Kennedy Hall, with two grade levels participating!
If not, aww, because we were the most mature out of all the tourists!

Anonymous said...

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Vintage Dotty said...

I know a fast way to write about your spain trip "it was hot, here are some photos, we had fun!" ;D

Anonymous said...

In some of the southern states like Texes and Oklahoma (where I'm from) have triple digit heat all summer! I kind of got used to it though.