Friday, August 5, 2011

Professor Layton #4

People are wondering why I'm not going to do a video walkthrough for Professor Layton 4, whenever it comes out.

(Side note: When does it come out?  The official trailer didn't give us any sort of release date, not even a ballpark release date like "2011".)

The second Layton game was 2-3 hours longer than the first one, and the third Layton game was 2-3 hours longer than the second one.  If this pattern continues, the fourth game is going to be far too long. Oh, I'll still play it, but I won't record myself doing so.

That tends to be a problem with people who do video walkthroughs.  They'll get so focused on playing games, just to entertain other people, and they completely forget to play games to enjoy them.  Pretty soon, they don't enjoy games (or video walkthroughs) at all.

And as I think I mentioned earlier on this blog, once summer's over, I'm going to be too busy to do video walkthroughs.


Anonymous said...

Do you still like Nancy?

Anonymous said...

Will you still make occasional videos and write your blog? Pwetty Pwease?

Winky Go Moo said...

Good news about the date! Two days ago, someone on Twitter posted part of a magazine or something that revealed Last Specter's release date. It's October 4th.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Yay! Thanks, Winky Go Moo

Anonymous said...

Micheal I Am A Big Fan Of Yours.
It's Always Nice To See You In A New Video Every Day. Also...........
It's Hurricane Season As You Know So I'm Trying To Stay Safe.
My Grandpa Has Evacuated Out Of New Jersey.
Benjamin Ogden.