Saturday, August 6, 2011

IPod Touch - And Questions

Okay, so I finally got an iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone, without phone services.  The reason I bought it is basically so I can play games.

No, seriously.  I had to decide which portable gaming system I want: the 3DS or the iPod.  And I went with the iPod, because it's cheaper, has loads more games, and it's an American system, so I won't have to wait six months for translation on most of the games.

Since I'm guessing you readers probably know more about iPods Touch than I do, I'm going to use you as my tech support!

Question #1: What free apps/games do you recommend?

Question #2: What non-free apps/games do you recommend?  Of course, I already bought Angry Birds, Phoenix Wright, Nancy Drew and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Question #3: How do you quit an application?  I can only figure out how to get back to the main screen, by pushing the "main screen" button.  When this happens, the currently-running app doesn't close.  It just runs in the background.

I'm asking this, because with Final Fantasy Tactics, I accidentally hit "new game" when trying to hit "continue".  This has happened twice now, and whenever you hit "new game", they force you to watch the long opening scenes.  So I have to wait fifteen or so minutes, before I can get back to the main menu.  There's gotta be a way that I can quit the application and reload it, without having to play the same fifteen minutes over and over again, right?

Question #4: How do I get the iPod to play music that I did not buy through iTunes, such as music I got from my CDs?


Bethany said...

Q1: tie die doodle, voiceplus, doodle buddy,captions free, dragon go, office jerk, type and talk, and pocket frogs.
Q3: im not really sure. That doesnt happen to my ipod. i use my ipod ALL the time!!! its how i usually read ur blogs.

P.S. Its great if you have wifi in ur house because then you can use the internet right on ur ipod.

P.P.S instead of using the YouTube app that comes with the ipod, use the YouTube on the Safari (if u have wifi) because the YouTube on the Safari is A LOT faster than the other one!!

I hope I helped!! Peace M.G.

Sammy said...

Get tiny wings, fruit ninja, nuts!, doodle jump and cut the rope. These are my top 5 apps

Sammy said...

Oh and to import songs you havn't bought through itunes, go to file, import file(or folder) and then find your song files from there. Alternatively, just drag and drop your music files into the music tab at the left side of the itunes screen. Hope this makes sense!

Anonymous said...

I loved doodle jump, and crystal portal, and mad libs but they cost money

desssi said...

Awe I wish you would have waited after Aug 12,2011 the 3DS goes on sale for $170.00. They did not sale as much as they intended. So they are having a major price drop.

Anonymous said...

If you are planning to get a TD game get Plants VS Zombies

Anonymous said...

I would go on and see what they have to say. I've never had an ipod before, that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I've done a little reading (I had a similar problem on my Blackberry), and it looks like hitting the "home" button is supposed to close the program you were running since you can only run one program at a time on an iPod.
If this isn't working you can force quit by holding down the "home" button for about 10 seconds.

Anonymous said...

To quit an app that is running in the background, double click the home screen button and then hold your finger on the app you want to quit. Now touch the minus sign:)

Cat said...

#1: Just check the top free apps in the iTunes store
#2: Do the same as above for paid apps.
#3: Assuming you have iOS 4 (earlier versions don't have multitasking), double tap the home key, and hold your finger on an icon until it starts to wiggle. Touch the red circle on the corner of the icon to quit the app.
#4: Rip the music from your CDs and import all of it into your iTunes library. Then just sync the music libraries.

Film Geek said...

I love knowing you might actually read the comments to get the help! :) I've only had mine less than a year, but these are the things I'd recommend-

Question #1: What free apps/games do you recommend?
-Pocket Frogs but it's a little time consuming.
-I think frisbee forever was free..

Question #2: What non-free apps/games do you recommend?
- Bananagrams! I love playing with real tiles, but it's super fun on the itouch when you don't have anyone to play it with.
- Sneezies (the normal one) :)
- Fruit Ninja

Question #3: How do you quit an application?
-I think my itouch is probably older than yours therefore, my advice probably wouldn't help.

Oh and I'd also recommend the Arglefumph app if they had one, but alas, they do not.
(You should work on that! I know a LOT of people would buy it!)

I hope that helped! God Bless! :)

Diana said...

Rip music from your CDs onto ITunes, just put it in the...whatever that thing is called and itunes will usually do the rest. For apps there's a paid one that has Phoenix Wright saying objection in diff. languages (fangirl!), fruit ninja, doodle jump. That's about it! Have fun with your new IPod! :)

Anonymous said...

As I said before "To quit an app that is running in the background, double click the home screen button and then hold your finger on the app you want to quit. Now touch the minus sign:)" but you can't be on the app you want to quit so make sure you are on the home screen when you quit it and when you double click the home screen button it should look like the screen slides up to reveal the running apps. And lastly(which actually should have come first) this only works on iPod Touches running iOS 4 which is the latest operating system. Hope this makes sense:)

Alexandra C. said...

Get Fruit Ninja, and Tiny Wings!

Anonymous said...

to get music from cds onto your ipod, first get itunes, then stick the cd into your computer and itunes will automatically open. click "import cd" wait 10 minutes or so, and the cd should be on your computer, click "sync to ipod" and voila!

Anonymous said...

Get Fruit Ninja! FRUIT NINJA!!! :D :D :D FRUIT NINJA RULES!!!!!

Oh, Doodle Jump is good, too.

Anonymous said...

Some apps that are cool are- Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Scoops, and Moron Test.

Anonymous said...

I recommend the Songify app. It's free! And it would be interesting to hear the songs in your videos.

rizziman33 said...

Q1: facebook, ibooks, emoji, google, ninjump, flashlight, Back to the future ep.1., pacman lite.

Q2: Cut the rope, Objection!, Fruit ninja!

Q3: Hit the menu button twice, and and a small menue will show up, showing the apps you've alreayd used. Click one of the apps and keep your finger on it until they start shaking. Then touch the - button to close the app.

Q4: You have to install the itunes library on to your computer by plugging in your iPod, and insert a music cd into the computer. Itunes will then ask you if you want to import it to the library. Click "yes" and wait for the proccess to be complete, then sync your iPod.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest downloading the Clue app. It's based off ofthe board game, with the same character names by is remade into a logic puzzle type game. There are quite a few levels, that increase in difficulty. If you lose a level, you can go back and replay it, and the clues and culprit are changed so it's almost like playing a new level. I find it really addicting.

Jordan Watkins/Flaboodler911 said...

The absolute best app you can get is songify. It turns anything you say into a song. Me and my friend said
" Please pass the salt and pepper; it would make my sandwhich better."