Saturday, July 23, 2011

Video Recording Update

Here's what's up in the world of video recording for me.

1.  I finally finished Pajama Sam's Boring Spinoff Game: Whoever Said This Game Was Short and Sweet Was a Liar.  It takes about two and a half hours to get through this game, made up of a hundred nearly identical levels.

2.  I think I'll continue with the Nancy Drew background music videos.  They're easy to make.  Also, they have higher-quality graphics than my original recording attempts, four years ago.

3.  Phoenix Wright 3 is done.  Hooray!  Expect it to be released over the next month or so.  The plans to move the Phoenix Wright videos to the arglefumph channel will be enforced at some unknown time.  It'd be nice if I could do an Apollo Justice walkthrough when moving those videos over, but Apollo Justice is kind of a long game, so that might not be feasible.

4.  I have eighteen Professor Layton and the Unwound Future videos that have been done.  I have to decide whether or not to continue the walkthrough.  Eighteen videos is like, what, a fourth of the way through the game?

I'm going on a trip to Spain next month, so I think I have time for one more recording project, and then that'll be it for a while.


Anonymous said...

Wow- you get to go to Spain? That's awesome! I hope you have a good time!
Thanks for making the Professor Layton walkthroughs- can't wait to watch them!

Diana said...

YES! My two fav series: Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright! When is Nathaniel planning to release case 5 on the gamecola youtube page, do you know?

Kerry said...

I was wondering if you could tell me how many seconds i should wait to click each hour glass in ransom of the seven ships, because i've been trying and it hasn't been working, and i don't know if the games messed up or if im doing it wrong.

Also, i was watching part 5 of the walkthrough for danger on deception island, and the guy you think looks like andy, is Paulo Costanzo. HE'S SO FUNNY! He plays Even Lawson now on royal pains!! I can't believe he worked for nickolodeon!!

Anonymous said...

have at Spain.

Anonymous said...

YAAAAY!!!! More PW vids!!! PLEEEAAASE do Apollo!!!!! I'm gonna get the game pretty and I would really like to have ur awesome commentary and help when I get stuck! :)

Sparksbet said...

Alrighty, here's my opinion on Professor Layton and Apollo Justice:
DO THEM!!! Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is my favorite game, and it'd be a shame to stop now after you did the first two. As for Apollo Justice, seeing how much you ranted about it in your Phoenix Wright walkthroughs, I can't wait to see you rant about it while actually playing the game!

Please do it!

Jess said...

Ok, so the first game released of the professor Layton series was the Curious Villiage. Then the Diabolical box, then the unwound future. But the Last Spector, which is the 4th game coming later, is actually supposed to take place before ALL of the other games, right? And what is with that Mask of Miracles game? It is the fifth game in the Professor Layton series, but the third story chronologically. The game is a prequel to the series, set after the Eternal Diva film. I didnt even know there was a film. Tis is a bit confusing

Anonymous said...

Hi Micheal,

I just want to ask you 1 question that's all. How do you do the paint bomb thing on Nancy Drew: Danger by Design? Because im scared if I run out of time, or her yelling at me! I just wanna know the pattern it goes in.Plus have fun in Spain! Thank you for your time!

P.S. When are you going to do Nancy Drew:Alibi in Ashes?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above:

Go to www. herinteractive. com- the webpage for the people who make the games. They'll tell you about the paint bomb puzzle.

He will probably do Alibi in Ashes when it comes out- October? November?

Anonymous said...

You should definitely complete the Professor Layton walkthrough! I've really enjoyed your previous Professor Layton walkthroughs--you do such an amazing job with them! :)

Quinn said...

You're going to Spain?!
That's so cool!
The Professor Laytons videos are solidly awesome by the way!
You Rock!