Saturday, July 30, 2011

TV Suggestions

Building off of yesterday's post, I've got a minor rant about TV service.  It seems to me that the TV company we use, Comcast, has room for improvement.  My family finally got an HD TV, and the new Comcast HD service they're using still isn't working well.

The special new HD box has 700 or so channels.  That's great, until you learn that half of them are channels listed as "unavailable".  It's rather hard to find the channels you actually want to watch, because they're hidden inside hundreds of unavailable channels.

Suggestion #1: Don't bloat the TV guide with channels that aren't actually there.

Half of the channels that we do get are duplicate channels.  You get NBC, and NBC HD.  ESPN, ESPN HD.  Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network HD.  (I suspect that the two Cartoon Network channels are, in fact, one and the same.)  Is it really necessary for them to offer non-HD material on their HD-service?

Suggestion #2: Remove all duplicate channels.

The bad part is that they're probably forcing us to pay twice, for the same channels.  That seems totally unfair.  And speaking of getting rid of unnecessary TV channels...

Suggestion #3: Let me pick which channels I want to watch.

Despite all Comcast's talk about how they offer "personalized entertainment experiences", I think it's rather impersonal to force everyone to buy the exact same TV packages.  I don't want to buy channels in bulk, because that always involves buying channels that I'll never watch, such as foreign language channels.

Why not just let me pick and choose the five or so channels that I actually watch?  Oh, that'd be so nice.  No more sorting through huge TV guides, full of stuff I don't want.  Instead, my TV would only tune into things I actually want to watch!

And it'd be super cheaper, because I'd only have to pay for five channels, instead of 500.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Michael.

Anonymous said...


Legoking831 said...

I've had friends who brag about "I get more channels on my cable box!" I always respond to that with, "Yeah, and just how many of those do you actually watch?" It's irritating. It ends up being a bunch of total nothing.

Sammy said...

I get everything I want to watch on free tv service, exept for Australias next top model(I know I'm a total girl). We get new episodes of Americas NTM, New Zealands NTM, and Britains NTM, but oh no If i want to watch models from my own country, I have to pay. Garrrr

Anonymous said...

This is why there's Direct TV. I miss having it.

Twizzler206 said...

I have Direct TV but the thing is, I RARELY watch anymore since I got introduced to Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy ;)

Anonymous said...

we just got that! its so annyoing!