Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Professor Layton - Catching Up to Japan has sent me a message, saying that the fourth Professor Layton game has been delayed for an unknown period of time.  Previously, the tentative release date was "September".  Now there isn't any release date at all.

I'm excited for the fourth game, because it means we are finally going to be caught up with Japan, when it comes to the Professor Layton games!

...Kind of.

After the fourth game comes the Professor Layton movie.  This movie is set in the universe of Game 4, not the universe of the original trilogy.  That means it has a new female lead, a new main antagonist, and a new Scotland Yard Inspector.  After playing the fourth game, we'll finally know who these characters are, and we'll be able to understand the movie!

I'm still not sure why they released the movie in the UK last year.  Who releases a spinoff movie before releasing the original that the spinoff was based on?

Okay, so once the fourth game is released, the Layton fans are all going to play it, then watch the Layton movie on YouTube.  That'll almost get us all caught up with Japan.  The only thing left for us to play is the Layton 3DS game, which will probably arrive next year.

Also, Layton 3DS sort of looks ugly and blocky.

Of course, Japan is probably going to announce the release dates of the sixth Professor Layton game, along with the Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover. We know those games are in development, even if the details about them have been kept under wraps.  But until those release dates are announced, for a brief period time, we will only be one game behind Japan, not two!  Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Dang it..and YAY!!!! lol I was just thinking about that! :D Sadly...I don't think I'll be able to play the 5th game cause I don't think my parents will let me get a 3DS... :`(

Airam said...

LOL look at luke's head!!

Diana said...

Luke looks weird...oops I already watched the movie! It was great! Can't wait til it's released here! The music was great!

Kira said...

This is unrelated, but Michael or someone, I need some Nancy Drew help that I can't find in any walkthrough. I'm playing Nancy Drew: Danger by Design, and I was at the part where you see Dieter at the park, and then go back to his apartment to confront him. Anyway, I read that you were supposed to talk to him a second time when he was in the dark room and let Nancy ask if there was anything she could do for him, and then Dieter would bring up the stock photos. But I only talked to him once, and now whenever I try to talk to him again, he says nothing about the stock photos that I was supposed to take, in order for the game to progress. All he says is, "I'm too busy."

I would hate to restart the whole game over, seeing as I am about halfway through. Please, if anyone knows a way to fix this, please let me know. Thank you.

Winky Go Moo said...

I never knew that Last Specter was supposed to release in September. I always thought there was no date at all. :/

I'm not too found of the 3D designs of the characters either. Maybe I'm too accustomed to the old style, but those just look... blah.

Anonymous said...

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