Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paper Mario 64

I just finished playing Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64.  Here are some thoughts I had:
  • I still find it hilarious that Bowser talks in dude lingo.
  • Solving the overly dramatic penguin murder mystery was fun.
  • It is unfair when bosses can heal themselves whenever they want.  The only possibly strategy you can use against that is "hope the boss doesn't use the healing move".
  • Also, not having a save point / heal point before the boss of level six?  Unfair, unexpectedly dropping a boss battle on me when I was at 30% strength.
  • I think Mario should have dialogue in these games.  Bowser probably has about three pages of dialogue, and Peach probably has ten.  But poor old Mario gets no lines at all.
  • Why can't one of the party members' special abilities be "avoid all random battles"?  That would be a great special ability!  This goes for RPGs in general, not just this one.
I played the Gamecube Paper Mario game first, and it's interesting to see how the two games are about 70% the same.  You could probably swap two chapters from both games, without much difficulty.  I'm going to say that I liked the GC game better, because it has a number of smaller improvements, such as no level cap and making the non-Mario party members more important.


Jess said...

HHAAH First!

Miriam said...

Have you played Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door? That one has a pretty good way to avoid random battles using one of the characters' special abilities. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this games!
It's so cute

Airam said...

I need/want to get the Paper Mario for Wii