Thursday, July 14, 2011

Computer Stuff

I know everyone is concerned about my new computer being unable to do video recording.  I promise you guys, I will look into the matter.


Right now, I'm still working on bringing my new computer up to speed in just about every department, not just video recording.  Pictures, music, video and documents...yeah, that's everything.

Updating my music files is a huge pain.  This is because my music files come from the ancient dinosaur times, before iTunes.  Back then, all of your music files were in one folder.  But now, computers want a separate folder for each album and artist.  I don't really feel like making 100 different folders and sorting music files into them, you know?

The other problem with music files is that playlists are unfriendly to me.  The computer's "auto playlist" function just throws all my music files together randomly.  Well, I don't want my Christmas music on my normal music playlist, because that'd be weird.  And I don't want my books on tape on any music playlists, either.  But the computer gets really uptight when I try to remove those music files.

As for picture files, Windows 7 will automatically use your pictures as background images on your computer.  I've been using the Webshots Desktop program to do this since 2003, and it's nice that this is now a standard feature.  The problem is that the new computer wants me to resize most of my pictures, because otherwise, it's going to zoom in on them, to an uncomfortable degree.

On a positive note, I found some lost "Pug's Adventures" cartoons in my pictures folders!  I'll post them up here later.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my music files. I have all kinds of Christmas music I don't necessarily want playing in the middle of July. But iTunes insists you keep all files on the main playlist or they get deleted from the music player all together. I wound up creating a new playlist that's all my music minus Christmas, then taking that list and used it to make a playlist that's suitable for parties, then one that's for driving in the car, etc. It took a while, but at least everything is finally organized.

Kerri said...

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Jeff Hardy said...

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