Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Washington DC, Day Two

On day two of my Washington DC trip, I wasn't able to get up and about until around ten.  Mom and I figured we'd go downtown and get something to eat.

They were having an Indonesian fair that day, and I thought I would buy a fancy shirt for the wedding.  They had some colorful formal shirts which were sort of a mix between a barong and a Hawaiian shirt.  I found a great one which was only forty dollars, but it was one size too small.  And I was all set to buy the same shirt in the large size, when I learned that it costs $80.

What?!  The price doubles when you go up one size?  Those crazy Indonesians!

So instead of buying a fancy shirt, my mother and I went into a Borders Bookstore, to take advantage of their massive "our company just went bankrupt" sales.  A lot of people were doing the exact same thing.  It's somewhat ironic that Borders has gained a lot of business, by going out of business.  The only downside to the store was that they only had one employee at the cash register, but I've noticed that most bookstores are short-staffed.

After that, Mom and I ran into the parents of the groom.  They were able to tell us when the wedding was, which is really something I should have tried to learn before the day of the wedding.  The wedding was at five, and they were going to leave at three.  I was invited to join them, but I declined.  I don't show up two hours early for a mass I'm not participating in, without good reason.

Mom and I scoured the area for a place to eat.  Needless to say, we weren't going to stop at a Burger King or some place we could visit at home.  We wanted to eat at a local DC restaurant.  We ended up going to a burger joint called Fuddruckers, who call themselves "Home of the World's Best Burger".  The burgers weren't that good, though.  We officially decided that they are "Home of the World's Most Okay Burger".

And what happened there?  By complete coincidence, we ran into my friend Paul!  It was absolutely amazing to meet Paul for the first time, in real life.  It was also kind of ridiculous, because he was wandering around aimlessly on his wedding day, visiting random burger joints.

Paul was dressed for the occasion in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, which was my clue that maybe I didn't need to buy a fancy shirt for the wedding after all.  At the wedding, I just wore my standard formal wear, minus the spiffy suitcoat and collar.  I sort of look like an art designer when I dress like that, but it worked perfectly.

After talking with Paul for an hour or so, Mom and I thought we'd fight the Washington Metro system for a while.  The Metro won, so we went back to the hotel.  I got to meet Nathaniel, another Internet friend for the first time, which was equally awesome as meeting Paul.  We talked for about an hour, and shortly after that, we caught a ride to the wedding, which I'll discuss later.

(Paul and Nathaniel are both taller in real life, by the way.)


Violet said...

Sounds fun... DFTBA! I totally stole that from vlogbrothers on YouTube... it means Don't Forget To Be Awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...
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3D###Boy said...

DFTBA from me too! I totally sounds fun the things that you do there but to ran into your friend Paul, TTA!
And it means That's Totally Awesome!

Airam said...

Awesome sauce!

Diana said...

Sounds fun! Thos crazy Indonesians! haha