Sunday, June 5, 2011


You know, I think I've done more guide-writing in the past two months than I did in all of 2010.  Here's a list of all the guides I've done recently.
  1. Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney: Investigations.  This is a very, very long guide.  I basically wrote it in little chunks over several months, and I stopped writing whenever I got bored.
  2. Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger.  The way I wrote this guide was by taking another person's guide, and writing mine over it.  That worked surprisingly well.
  3. Back to the Future: Episode Four.  This was easy enough to write.  I wrote a guide for all four episodes so far; short games with a lot of cutscenes make for easy guide writing. I have all four guides listed as "Version 1.21", but no one seems amused.
  4. The Adventures of Willy Beamish.  I wrote this guide several years ago, but I had to update my old guide, after I played through this game with Paul, and we got completely stuck.
  5. Nancy Drew: Creature of Kapu Cave.  I wrote ten pages of this guide, and then I just let it sit there, half-finished, for over two years.  Eventually, I decided to stop putting it off, so I wrote the second half of the guide.
  6. Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Just like the above, I wrote part of the guide, and left it there, partly-finished, for over two years.  I was surprised to discover that the guide was only fifty words away from being finished.
  7. Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks.  I wrote this guide, by watching my video walkthrough, then describing what I did in the videos.
  8. Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale.  I wrote a guide, using the walkthrough on the game's website.  Their walkthrough is really just a spreadsheet, not an actual walkthrough.
  9. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.  I wrote this guide, while making my video walkthrough. It was pretty convenient, actually.  I wrote the guide while the computer was busy processing the video files.


3D###Boy said...

Cool! You maked your own guides. I think I will copy them as a text document and when I will be stuck on a part of this games I will check the guide.

And if you want some money to go somewhere or by something, you can sell them in your town( But for this thing you should write them in word and then make a front cover and a back cover then a publishing house if you want, and things like this.) Thanks very much that you make this guides. Your the best! U ROCK!

3D###Boy said...

Is just a coincidence or everybody stopped typeing comments?

Diana said...

How could you get bored with Miles Edgeworth?! Gasp! Haha just kidding! I love your walkthroughs!