Monday, June 13, 2011

Virtual Console

I just found out that you can purchase Virtual Console games on, which lets you completely bypass Nintendo's "points" system.

I was tempted to buy a game like Super Metroid, which costs 800 Nintendo Points.  See, the "trick" is that Nintendo only sells points in multiples of 500.  So if you want to buy Super Metroid, you basically have to pay for 200 extra points that you don't need.  And in fact, you can't use the 200 points for anything, because they don't have any 200-point games for purchase.

All I bought was Paper Mario for the N64.  I like the Paper Mario series, and to be honest, the only 3DS game I'm excited for is Paper Mario 3DS.  The idea of seeing the 2D Mario series on a 3D system is, for some reason, really enticing to me.  It's like a guarantee that the game developers decided to focus on gameplay, not graphics.

So far, Paper Mario 64 seems just as good as the other entries in the series.  The only complaint I have is that the font they use in the game is kind of weird.


Anonymous said...

Michael, did you hear that there isn't going to be a demo for Nancy Drew The Captive Curse? That makes the waiting even more suspenseful.

Anonymous said...
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3D###Boy said...

If their is NO demo, I will download it tomorrow as a torrent! I mean Friday cuz I need to let people to buy the game and then put it on as a torrent on the site

Anonymous said...

The Captive Curse looks scary and fun. Like Shadow at the Water's Edge. But I hated the nonograms puzzles. D: They were TOO HARD!!!!!!!