Friday, June 10, 2011


As part of my E3 coverage, I had to listen to a lot of speeches at press conferences.  This has led me to a conclusion:

All of the presenters are exactly the same.

These people are all businessmen, so they've all taken the same "how to give business presentations" lessons.  They all talk in the same tone of voice, they all take pauses in the exact same places, and they use the exact same hand gestures.

In fact, the person they most resemble is President Barack Obama. His speeches are the same way.  I've never seen the President break the mold; he uses the exact same delivery for every speech, regargless of its content.  He gives good speeches, but I've never seen him vary when it comes to tone of voice, gestures, etc.

In fact, that's part of the reason why I didn't watch the last Presidential debate for very long.  It was really hard to tell the difference between the Republican and Democratic candidates.  They were both saying the exact same thing: "I plan on saving the American economy".  And they were both using the same speech-giving techniques.  The result was that they both sounded almost identical.

And that's what happened with E3 this week.  Most of the presenters are using the same speech-giving techniques as the President.  Sure, these techniques have been proven effective, but it sort of turns people into speech-giving robots, because everyone's speeches sound the same.  I'd rather see someone inject some personality into their speeches.

I don't exempt myself from this judgment, however.  It also bugs me when I watch my videos, and I see myself using default speech patterns.  I need to switch out of default mode every once in a while.


Anonymous said...

I love you man. Your the hot to my dog. :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed about the speeches. It's nice to be self-reflective but personally I kind of like your default phrases. Familiarity is both comforting and endearing. =)