Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doctor Lautrec and The Forgotten Knights

One of the games I'm looking forward to is Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights.  It's a pretty blatant Professor Layton knock-off game that's coming out this summer.  The hero, Dr. Lautrec, is a gentleman with a British accent, a top hat, and an obsession with solving puzzles.

I'm all for playing a Layton knock-off while waiting for the real Layton game to appear at an unspecified date this year.  Also, I find it amusing that they made sure that Lautrec is an archeologist, just like Layton, but they went out of their way to give him a higher educational degree.

So far, the Internet seems excited about this game because Doctor Lautrec has a righteous mustache.  Unlike Layton, he is rocking the facial hair, and it's definitely paying off for him.  His sidekick is a beautiful young woman (a potential love interest?), not just some random kid.  Unless the preview is lying, it seems that the good doctor has two beautiful young women as sidekicks.  And he has a monkey sidekick as well.  Doctor Lautrec's house is apparently Sidekick Central.
Also, judging by what we see of the two main villains (shown at 1:22 in the video), it is clear that the game's producers went out of their way to find the worst British accents possible.  This game has to be a success, and I'll make sure to buy it when...
Wait, it's only being released on the 3DS?  Oh, no way!  Give it a dual 3DS and DS release!  Actually, they should do that for a lot of 3DS games.  I think the results of such an experiment would be surprising.


Katie said...

I agree. I was kinda pumped to see the preview for the game since I'm a puzzle person (love both ND and Layton series)and have been anxiously awaiting the next layton game. But then they had to go and make it for the 3DS... and unfortunately, while my love for puzzles may be limitless, my wallet is not. No 3DS for me. I definitely wish they would release certain games on both consoles, but unfortunately, I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Miriam said...

When I first saw Doctor Lautrec, it looked like he would be the bad guy..he just looks sort of sinister or something.
I think his facial hair makes him appear slightly evil for some reason. :/