Friday, June 3, 2011

Days of our Lives

When I met Paul in Washington DC, my mom and I talked for a bit about Days of our Lives.  She hadn't seen the show in a week, so she wanted to know what happened while she was going.

We tried to explain the show to Paul, but it is almost impossible to describe a plotline on a soap opera without sounding crazy. For example, these are the plotlines:
  • Sami is married to Rafe.  However, an evil villain got plastic surgery in order to look exactly like Rafe, and he replaced Rafe in Sami's life.  After months of drama, Sami has figured out the deception, and she has been reunited with Real Rafe.
  • Oh, and Real Rafe has amnesia.
  • Brady has just learned that the car accident which killed his fiancee...was not an accident at all.  He believes EJ is behind the murder, and he is furious.  (Drama!)
  • Vivian, who was locked in a coffin for a few months, then trapped on a remote island in the Carribean for a month after that, is planning to get revenge on everyone who has wronged her.  This includes everyone on the show.
  • Dr. Carly Manning is getting addicted to drugs.
Soap operas are pretty interesting, because they make an hour-long show, every single day.  Since the show "never" ends, the stories just keep going on and on.  And as you can probably tell from the plotlines, sometimes they run up against deadlines, and they just write the first thing that comes into their heads.
The writing staff has ten to fifteen people on it, unless I'm mistaken.  It's too bad that they don't display the writers' names more prominently.  I'm sure you would learn interesting information that way, such as Writer #1 likes to put Sami in his episodes, or Writer #3 is the one that they bring in for all the high school scenes, or Writer #8 is the one who writes the boring filler episodes.

Most of this week was filler, from what I hear.  I remember several years ago, where they had an entire month of filler episodes.  The fans practically revolted.  So then the show took all the plotlines that were dragging on, and they wrapped them up in one week.  It was pretty much the best week ever, because they were going through plots left and right.


Sarah said...

It is nearly impossible to describe the Rafe situation to anyone who doesn't watch Days. I've been a DOOL fan for decades and it's always something complicated - like dying and coming back.

3D###Boy said...

I "understand everything" from what you said Michael.... Ok a little part..... OK, OK I understand nothing. At least that now I know what means soap operas in romanian language I can undersatnd the discussions about soap operas. I like our official country channel TVR1, cuz here all the soap operas are very long. Like about 2 hours.

3D###Boy said...

Oh, and by the side, I like spanish soap operas not english, american or romanian. I like american soap operas, but in the spanish soap operas everything is acting fast, and a lot of tragedy, drama, love...etc. Now that I don't like the computer to much, cuz I don't have anything to do on it(I mean
I don't have anything to play on it) I will have more time to watch the soap operas.
COOL:))!! $_$ $)

3D###Boy said...

Oh, and please guys, with a cherry on the top, can you please type on the comments some games. I want to know what to play this summer cuz I will don't watch every day soap operas.

Izzy said...

I used to think soap operas were bars of soap singing opera... you can see where i got that right???

Anonymous said...

Woah, there's a Dr. Carly Manning on that show?! I know a girl named Carly Manning!!

Anonymous said...

haha I TOTALLY understand it!!! :D Basically because I watch "One Life To Live" and a little bit of "General Hospital"... :) SOAPS ROCK!!!!!!! :D Why r they getting cancelled?! :`( T_T I've been watching them since I was 10!!!!!

3D###Boy said...

Cuz they r old thats why they are canceled!@!!

Jenny said...

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